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Emotional Safe Harbor

Happy new moon in Cancer! Monday at 4:01am we begin a new lunar cycle in the sign of Cancer. This new moon is conjoined with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all in the sign of Cancer and inconjunct (within a narrow orb) Saturn in Sagittarius. This new moon highlights this axis of security between Cancer and Capricorn. Our full moon in a couple weeks will be in the sign of Capricorn. Cancer deals with inner and emotional security and Capricorn's terrane is the external physical security (often devoid of feelings). We are swimming in the water of our emotions and most likely feeling anything but secure in what is unfolding around us. Change has been the only certainty of late. An old paradigm is breaking down. Old ways of being, old beliefs, old systems that worked for so long are being questioned and we are seeing evidence of their limitations and insufficiency for the world of today. It is can be so ungrounding to witness all the "stuff" we bought stock in be in our government, our religious communities, our work, our relationships plumet in value and usefulness and we are left with sand between our fingers and questions beyond answers. We are left with our feelings. They can be all over the board right about now..confusion, grief, anger, depression, despair, elation...this is the turbulent, yet strong waters of Cancer! Cancer draws us to our emotions to those ups and downs and all arounds that whirl within us all the time. The world has given us plenty of ways to hide, suppress, and project our emotions so that we can fixate on the ones the world says we need: confidence, happiness, certainty. Why do we need to feel hopeless, confused or angry? What use are those? In times like these, hiding these emotions can become next to impossible. We must face the dark shadow of the deeper emotions because they are here and they are not going away. Evidence: the last few months?  Cancer energy can be witnessed as sensitive, nurturing, tender, intuitive, empathetic and in the old paradigm we were told this is weak. "Don't cry. be a man (woman)." "Sensitivity if for the weak!" "Big girls don't cry." "Survival of the fittest. To each his own." All these "motivational" euphemisms were meant to strengthen the masculine. To make us uniform and strong so we can accomplish what we need, get power and to step on anyone or anything that got in our way, even if it was ourselves. Where did this get us? Look at our world and we can all come to the conclusion that it is not working so well. Wars, violence, the division of the poor and the rich, discrimination of race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation, the scandals in our religious organizations,  our political is a train wreck and it was all built with the patriarchal views of power in the few and suppression of the heart and the feminine. Not only the feminine in gender but in the fact that in each of us, lies the masculine (the will and the ego and the force that asserts itself) and the feminine (the interconnected, flowing, receptive nature). We created a culture that like a vulture would eat anything to get a full tummy. This is the world of power in the external. We gave our power to those in the know, those with the money, those with the knowledge card and we built our life on the belief that they would not let us down. The laws of nature can only serve to prove this way of being as false and so it will only fail us. The feminine is necessary part of each of us and a thriving world. We cannot be vultures of this earth and thrive. We are not all the same and there is unity in our diversity when we allow ourselves to flow and be more authentic in how we show up.

This takes us back to Cancer and the emotional security that we are learning in this new paradigm. Cancer teaches us to find a softer strength, a more tender way of asserting ourself and of relating to ourself and each other. We are learning to not ask the world or another to mother us but we are learning to be mothers to ourselves and our world. We are being asked to take care of ourselves in much deeper ways, to not just take care of our external needs (do I have a job, a house, a car, a person by my side, do I have the American dream?) but how do I tend to my inner world? We are learning from the failings of the old systems that we can check all the boxes of what the world says we need to have a "good life" and we can be miserable, sick and more lost and alone than ever. We can look like we are taking care of ourselves by going to the gym , eating "right",  taking our vitamins and getting our vaccines and doing all the things the world says will give us well being and if we are not taking care of our inner world, we will find ourselves in pain, with illness, and wondering where we went wrong. Cancer make look like the little girl with a lollipop and a big bow in her hair but she is quite the opposite. I liken her more to Mary Magdaline, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, the compassionate and open hearted spirits that cares and feels so deeply that in the well of their deep feelings they are bringing water to nourish and restore the world one drink at a time. Mother Teresa didn't have to force her will, she didn't have to shout or step on anyone and she didn't need to. She was firm in her intention. She didn't harden up to do her work, she softened in and through her deep empathy she impacted the world in a profound way. She gave power in the form of love to the weak and she didn't suffer or profit by it in the ways the masculine would, her gift was that of deep connection and community. Isn't that what we all really want anyway? Gandhi taught us to be the change that we want to see in the world and not by violence but by being willing to use our resolve to draw character from a deeper place. Character that does not back down in the face of fear and opposition and that our heart not our fist can be a powerful tool to meet resistance. "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind and it takes more strength and faith to be kind." This is the strength of cardinal water, of Cancer, the great Protector.

So back to the question of why do we need to feel all those "dark" emotions? Many reasons. One is that we heal when we feel. We release so much suppressed energy that allows us to harness a deeper power reserve that can be blocked when we only source power from the external. It also humanizes us and allows us to see that "I am another you." We all have trauma. We all hurt. We are all feeling all the same emotions. We are all one. We take down the walls and we open ourselves to deeper relating to each other. We find compassion for the other and his and her struggles and we learn that our wounds inspire us until we heal them and when we do we can be inspired by our light, our truth. When we feel, we also allow ourselves to learn how to tend to an inner world that the outer world said doesn't matter. It matters. It is an integral part of us. These deep feelings are just as important and impactful as your deep thoughts and your deep visions and desires. They are the vaccine for what ails us. There is a reason you are feeling fear if you feel it. If you tend to your fear it will become your medicine and your teacher. If you suppress your fear it will become your pain and your obstacle. The same is true for any emotion. The body is so intelligent and more intelligent beyond just the intellectual aspects. The body speaks physically and emotionally too. Your emotions are not present to make you soft and weak but they are here to make your strength sweet. Your emotions can be channeled to create. Channeled emotions can create beautiful works of art be it physical ones you display, or displaying more fully the your own soul work of art when you allow the feminine back in to your self expression.  Feeling deep and going into our anger and rage is just what we need to decide that a world that separates and kills is not ok and we must make changes, starting with ourselves. We need the fuel of our emotions to catalyze this process. So that as we create this change it comes by way of compassion, love and deep connection to the heart. This goes for the change in our own lives. Even if you are not going to be Gandhi or Mother Teresa, you need to be a Avatar for compassion and love for yourself first. We must be able to feel that we matter enough to feel and to allow ourselves to be guided and led by these emotions, not overtaken. Emotions are meant to flow. We are feel them and we release them. That is where they generate the energy. When we learn to care for ourselves and honor our needs that our emotions highlight, then we become stronger in ways that support us through times of change and of initiation into the new paradigm.  We don't need to rely on others for our security. We find harbor and refuge in our own arms. 

So, my new moon wish and intention for us all is to dismantle the beliefs that tell you that being in your truth or strength takes an iron will and a mask from your emotions.  Soften into the Cancer energy and unite this iron will with the compassionate, nurturing waters of Cancer and feel and sense how to use the power and strength of your emotions to guide the use of this will and of your vital energies to depict the whole you,the  real you, in all your intelligences, emotional included. Allow the beauty and effortlessness of the feminine. A cascading waterfall does't have to strain in her movement, she just follows the natural flow cultivating patience, persistance and skillfulness in her meandering to lower, solid ground.  Tend to your inner world first, and take care of yourself in the way you always wanted the world or anther to and once you are restored, you will have all the confidence and strength you need to meet the world with compassion and in your heart space. 

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