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The Courage of a Lion

Welcome to the warmth of summer! Just as the sun moves into Leo we feel life get bigger, the pull to play, and the take it easy summer vibes in full effect. Fire is the key element right now. Fire deals with creation, identity and expression. Fire brings us vision. Fire connects us to our center and our truth. This Leo energy can be a welcomed break from the intensity of late. We have been sobering up from drinking the kool-aid of our illusions and delusions that allow us to avoid, hide and reject the truth that always seems to find a way to emerge (Saturn square Neptune). We have been healing the wounds of our past and integrating the wisdom of our experiences into our bodies (Jupiter opposite Chiron). We have been coming back together..finding a new sense of home and identity and this is by no means easy or light stuff to deal with. Facing these deep wounds and seeing the false realities that many decisions have been born from can be heavy. This Leo energy can give you break from all the deep work and an invitation into some joy, fun and lightheartedness. Healing is necessary and worthy and it is accomplished in many ways. Never underestimate the power of fun and play and the healing that happens when we let go and just let it be. Often when we do, we find our heart. Not to check out from life, not to be oblivious to others and the truth that we are stepping into, but to step fully into life with a renewed sense of being alive, the playground of the heart.  It is like a child riding her bike with her hair blowing in the wind, smile upon her face and laughter abounding. In this zone, there is no overthinking or over efforting. Just a fullness and a zest for the experience of the now. When we find ourselves in this place we experience the warmth of an open heart. This is the breeding ground for compassion and generosity that being in the heart brings to each situation and each person. This journey now is how to bring this heart centeredness into our fears, our pain and anything that has been disempowering us or keeping the heart space guarded and under lock down. How do we center ourselves in the space of the heart (not in our heads) and be present with our body, our feelings and our passions and choose to be compassionate to ourselves and each other. This is the highest expression of this Leo energy. When we do this for ourselves, we find it so much easier to do this for others. 

There is another side of Leo to explore. This is the drama filled side. Leo loves attention and no one draws attention like drama. There is very little air right now, mind you, so trusting the perspective of the mind can be a bit tricky these days. There is plenty of drama for the taking out there too. It can be very easy to get caught up in it letting your mind go wild with stories and " Yeah buts" about every experience that is occurring in a less than desirable way. Someone cuts you off and immediately you are called to flip them off or call them a name or respond in a way that you feel is fully justified. This is drama and this is not being in the heart. We have to invite ourselves back into our center and breathe, feel where the tension entered our body and let it go releasing the need for the stories and the justifications. In that moment we are choosing a new way to respond that keeps your heart clear and open. We express ourselves from the new paradigm, the one that seeks to unite us not pit us against one another. This is tough and is a constant process of remembering and reminding that we must do for ourselves. It is so easy to get hooked in a conversation into an argument that takes you out of your heart and into your mind and back into the patterns that we all learned where we felt we need to protect ourselves. But, to really create change and to create a world of compassion, it starts with the easy stuff and the simple decisions to act and respond differently. It takes the courage of the lion who rules the heart to say, I will not be in pride and cling to being right but I will be centered in compassion and love and choose ways that express that as purely as I can. This will be a teaching to try this week as the sun is square Lilith in Scorpio, watch out for your triggers and spots of vulnerability where you will seek to protect and guard your heart even from yourself. What if you choose to open and love instead? What is you feel the power of love instead of the power of temporary superiority and judgement? Mercury in Leo is square to  Mars in Scorpio inviting us into some power struggles where we may invest more in our mind's weapons rather than the gentle blanket of love and presence. Can we have the patience to hold our tongue and stay in the heart space? Can we forgo the temporary fix of telling it like it is and setting it straight over the long term peace of an open and free heart? In order to create a vision where we experience life with more peace and harmony we must have the courage to do it differently. The old paradigm taught us one way, and we can clearly see where it landed us, wars, violence, and inner turmoil and stress. The new paradigm is to have the courage to live a life from the heart. To choose love and compassion every time no matter how many times we must remind ourselves. 

The moon this week: Monday: Aries, get up and go, action is called!; Tuesday-Wednesday: Taurus, stabilize your desires and slow down. Enjoy the process.  Feed the senses. Thursday-Friday: Gemini, network, socialize, talk, write, communicate. Be present. Change your mind. Saturday-Sunday: Cancer, feel and tend to your inner needs. Comfort yourself!

Peace and love to all of you!



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