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Full Moon In Capricorn: The Yoga of Self Trust

Tuesday, the moon in full in the sign of Capricorn. Issues of security are illuminated by the sun (outer security) and reflected by the moon (inner security). Still making some noise and keeping it anything but predictable is Uranus in Aries square to this full moon with the chant of liberation and individuation. Sitting quietly amidst this magic is the invitation to trust. As hard as it can be in these times, this full moon is an opportunity to trust that we can tend to our inner needs and when we do, we will invite in  a fullness of being that gives a presence that need not be doubted or strived for through external sources. This moon is how we capture our power not by accumulating it from others or from doing the things we think need done to achieve power, but by creating the space to show up fully as who we are. 

I want to use the topic of yoga for this full moon reflection as I feel it offers a palatable allegory. The poses we practice today in yoga classes were derived from men in India who did not sit in desks, did not commute through traffic, did not have technology like phones and laptops and did not practice once or twice a week for an hour. Yet, most people practicing yoga have an ideal or a way in which they aspire to allow their bodies to look like the photos and texts tell us we should look in the pose. We are told maybe subconsciously, fit your body into these shapes (despite the fact that they are not evolving through time like you are.) Don't worry if life and nature set you up to struggle like hell to do this, keep on pushing and trying because this is where the standard is set and no body is moving the standard. This is what accomplishment looks like. Don't we all love a challenge and a goal? I liken this to Capricorn energy. It loves a goal. It wants to accomplish. Feelings are not so helpful or valid for this. Hard work and commitment, yes! What does this give us? Validation from an external source. We can say, here is the picture and here I am. Look, I'm doing it right!? (Never mind, it feels like crap.) I am doing it right! (And damn it. I want to get it right.)

Slide, over to the Cancer side and the experience of yoga is not at all the same. Cancer says, but how do you feel in the pose? What is your experience? Are you feeling cared for and tended to? Is this providing the inner environment for you to experience a comfort and ease that makes you feel at home in yourself? Cancer energy in yoga would have the pose as a structure but would allow the inner guidance and emotional well being to adjust and fine tune the shape so that instead of the goal being to make your body fit the shape, you were allowing your natural shape to become the pose.  The shape in the end may look nothing like the books or photos but you in the shapes would feel like a million bucks. The motivation being comfort and inner validation. No opinions necessary. 

So, we have polarizing energies here and when this happens there is a yoking and union that can occur, basically yoga occurs. We get to be inspired and have a structure by what was given to us from long ago. We don't have to go making it up and feeling unfocused. But, we get to allow permission to change it, feel it, work with it the only way we know how, by being in the experience of it. We get there and stay there and then reflect "How does this feel? or What if I try this? We get to tend to what we need in the moment. We get to be fully present with how our experience changes the more we work with it as a co creator instead of a operator of someone else's machine. We get to see how we make decisions and how those decisions serve us. There truly is not a right or  wrong but yet an experience that may feel supportive of what we desire and one that feels incompatible. Yoga draws together what may be perceived as separate and allows for wholeness to return. We separate ourselves when we take external goals and models and we work towards accomplishment without adding the inner reflective work. This is how we get to the top of the food chain at work and go, Is this all there is? I got here and I am still not happy. Or, we wallow is safety and security and all that feels cozy and wonder, Could there be more to this experience? All of us must be a part of this process and all of us are together in the effort to show up as who we are as individuals for a unity in diversity. We hold so much more presence when we are fully who we are, soft side included. When we do this we give permission to trust that this too is part of security. I am safe when I am cared for and I am the best person to care for myself. My safety lies within my own arms and so I have the capacity to be safe all the time. I can relax and trust. I can step into my life with this peacefulness and confidence. I can take a leap of faith because I know I can take care of myself. I can also be patient and hold space when the flow says not yet and feel comfortable and validated in my beingness.  So where do you need to practice a modern form of yoga in your life? This full moon will ask this question of you.

Friday, the Sun enters Leo. We are called to our heart for the next month. We give permission to play and to express ourselves. We can be like teenagers, a little reckless, selfish and pleasure focused. All of this to rediscover the passion of living out loud as your creative self! 

The moon this week: Monday-Tuesday: Capricorn (earth: accomplish); Wednesday-Thursday: Aquarius (air: individuate/reform); Friday-Saturday: Pisces( water: feel/spiritualize); Sunday: Aries (fire: create)

Happy full moon and have a wonderful week! Peace and love to all of you!


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