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Destination? Liberation!

This week we get to embrace the unexpected..this might be sudden as with Uranus at center stage you never know what you are going to get. Uranus deals with freedom from the known, the chains of what may be holding us back. Uranus holds the records of all we have done, the seeds of our desires, and all future possibilities. It is the personal unconscious. When Uranus speaks up, it is like a lightening bolt that says " You are ready to see this, know this, understand this on a conscious level!" Uranus urges us to individualize and find our own inner genius as we detach from the known and the way everyone else is doing it. Uranus is in Aries now and this is connecting us to those instinctual and unconscious desires. The ones that when ignored, suppressed or overtaken by can cause trouble within. This week Mercury in Cancer conjoined with Venus will square Uranus before both of these planets move into the heart of the Lion, Leo. Later this week the Sun in Cancer will square Uranus. Mars will form an quincunx with no matter how you shake it Uranus wants our attention!

With Cancer energies, we have been working with the emotional body: our feelings. We have been invited to learn how to cultivate emotional safe harbor. Feelings are teachers and when we listen and invite them into our lives with care and compassion we can satisfy the needs that we have to feel safe in a deeper way. In a world where that seems anything but safe and stable right now, it is time to untangle the webs of where we try to feel protected by hanging on to the physical and our external ties to this safe harbor. We are learning to feel safe in our bodies and in our feelings and to employ them as wisdom to be used to make decisions that keep us feeling safe on the inside and connected to the eternal, wise part of ourselves that remains steadfast despite all the chaos and madness around us. Mercury in Cancer conjoined with Venus is allowing us to speak up about what we need to feel cared for and valued and to speak to our emotional body with care. This is a time of honoring the voice of our emotions rather than only trusting the voice of the mind.  Do the ways you care for yourself speak worthiness and value even when you feel things that are not pleasant or desires? Do you know how take care of yourself in times of unrest or does that role lie within another or something outside of you? Uranus in Aries is not very emotional, in fact Uranus is devoid of emotion. Uranus is about non-attachment. We cannot go into the unknown and our expansion when we are tethered to all the things we attach to for emotional security: people, jobs, situations, theories, etc.  This week Uranus will invite you to see and break free from the illusions that these things will keep you safe and free from pain. It can be where we stuff our desires and our feelings because we  don't feel welcomed to express them or claim them in our experiences. It can be where we hide out from being who we are and going for what we truly desire because we are worried how others will feel or how we will feel if it doesn't work out the way we plan. When we resist the call of  Uranus in our life, we feel chained to "shoulds", to separation from our wholeness in honoring what we desire and feel (even if it seems unpopular or odd), and to a stagnant feeling life. At some point we have to take that jump and leap into the unknown and the land of "what ifs" to discover more about ourselves as we meet the new, the unexpected, our liberation in marching to beat of our own drum. We must trust our experiences and our inner guidance as we let go of the known results of the path well traveled. When we do this, we find more vitality. We feel alive and part of a co-creative relationship with life. Nothing dull about that. So, Mercury square Uranus may reveal a belief a thought or some information that you are ready to liberate yourselves from because it doesn't properly allow you to care for yourself. The real truth should honor and show value to what is deep within you! The Sun square to Uranus may reveal a way in which  your whole life is ready to be seen in a different light when you give light to what you feel and desire and you let that genius and your guide Allow yourself to see aspects of yourself that although quirky and unusual may just be a necessary ingredientto more fully step into more fulfilling relationships, jobs, and self expression. 

Later this week Mars will form an in conjunct aspect to Uranus. Mars has been allowing our drives and motivations to take another loop around the block to weed our desires rooted in fears and of the past ghosts that need to be laid to rest. Look for some revelations in this arena this week as the possibility for some insights into what is shifting makes it way into your consciousness allowing for some forward momentum into some new terrain. Can you liberate desires to hide and "play it safe" to allow those deeper callings to urge you towards action? "You shall be free indeed when your days are not without a care and your nights without a want and a grief, But rather when these things girdle your life and yet you rise above them naked and unbound."-The Prophet

Another big event this week is Mercury and Venus moving into Leo. We will start to feel more like summer in our bodies and our minds. Leo is ruled by the sun. In Leo we get to connect to our passions and the heart. We enjoy the fullness of life and the fullness of ourselves when we allow ourselves to enjoy and to be a little immature and playful. Allow creativity and play to seep back into your thoughts and relationships. Enjoy the transition out of the water and into the warmth of the fire!

The moon this week: Monday: Libra (air: relate, perspective); Tuesday-Wednesday: Scorpio (water: deep feeling, shadow work); Thursday-Friday: Sagittarius(Fire: expand, vision quest); Saturday-Sunday: Capricorn (earth: accomplish, materialize)

Have a wonderful week!



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