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Opportunity Knocks

Did the tsunami of last weeks emotional tidal wave knock you down a bit? What a new moon and very intense grand cross of mutating, transformative and powerful energy we have been experiencing!  It is not over yet, but it does feel a bit more manageable this week. The word that keeps coming to me is opportunity. We have the opportunity in these moments following all the stirred intensity to go into the depths of the deep emotions we are feeling, to clear old fears and wounds and to allow deep healing to take place. If we listen to and respond to our body, it is showing us where we are holding on in our bodies to fear or pain and where we have the opportunity to let it go (Chiron in Pisces sextile Mercury in Taurus.) Events, people, situations are triggering for us long held emotions that outdate our currents events, providing mirrors of what we have carried for too long..old patterns, old beliefs, old fears, and we can continue the burden of using our energy to keep them hidden or we can challenge them by wondering if there is another way.  What if this fear isn't more powerful than me?  What if my past does not have to be my future? What if change is possible in a way that will actually serve my deepest desires? Blocked emotions when stuffed into dark corners take a tremendous amount of energy to stay hidden. What if that energy could be transmuted for energy to invest in actions that serve my truth? What if the energy can be spent moving me towards the future that feels more authentic of who I am now and who I feel I am becoming? 

Today Venus in conjoined with the sun in Gemini. Gemini is curious. Gemini is adaptable. Gemini can morph and change and can learn more than the average Joe. Gemini is willing to change its mind. The Sun is our creative potential, the fire for our self expression and our identity. The sun is our vitality.  Venus is the way the soul connects with the body, she is how we attract people and things that we love and value. So, we are attracting opportunities to adapt, change and explore the ways we are expressing ourself from the heart and from our center. Monday, the Sun and Venus are quincunx Pluto in Capricorn. This is an opportunity to step out of the past,  out of the ways in which we squeeze and suppress the vital energies by living in fear and closed down from the heart. When we disconnect from center, we risk making our decisions solely from the mind which can loop us into thoughts that are based in fear, only on what we know and have seen from others or from our past blindsiding us from opportunities to step into new or different thoughts or belief patterns. When we disconnect from our heart, we do things as a means to and end and from our "shoulds", and this causes us to stifle our joy and the expansiveness of the love that wants to pour through us! Our clarity and vision are diminished when we squeeze out our life force by living with a mask on that hides us from our truth and our expansiveness. 

So, opportunity knocks. Are you going to let it in and be open to what is possible? The invitation this week is to get real with what you fear, what you are resisting, and what you are feeling. Don't hide it. Challenge yourself to go inside and to let it flow so you can let it go. Let the power of your deep feelings lead you to the the path back to your center and heart. When we feel, we can heal. When we face the demons we realize they had no power that we did not give them.  It's time to take back the power. 

The moon this week...

Monday and Tuesday: Cancer (water: feel, nurture and self your own mother!); Wednesday and Thursday: Leo (fire: play, self expression, create); Friday and Saturday: Virgo (earth: integrate, digest, do the work that is meaningful); Sunday: Libra (air: relate, perspective, share)

Have a great week friends..hang in there. This is a special time..we can get through it! 

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