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Welcome to water, and welcome to the time of Cancer. How are you feeling? It may not be so hard to notice our feelings come Wednesday when all the personal planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) as well as the sun are in cardinal water sign Cancer! Cancer is ruled by the moon. The moon is our innermost self how we seek emotional comfort and nurturing. Cancer energy is also the archetype of the mother, the one who cares and protects. This Cancer energy is the perfect medicine for this time and although it might be the last remedy we reach for it will give us just what we need so soothe our souls. Mars leaves retrograde on Wednesday but it still has to journey back into Sagittarius (where it stationed) before we we may feel fully ready to move forward with our normal power and vigor. Chiron entered retrograde on Monday and we still have Saturn, Neptune and Pluto in retrograde so sorry to say it but this simply isn't the timing for pressing ahead and knowing where to leap. So what do we do when we feel confused? What do we do when we feel like we don't know what is happening and what the future holds? We nurture what is present now. We are still feeling the mutable grand cross of change and transformation. We are still unraveling the old, the past, and letting go of all that is outside of the necessary truth to move us into this new paradigm. Although we may all be feeling, "Are we there yet", the answer truthfully is, we are always arriving. It is just that "there" is now "here" and in the now. We can only work with what is present in this moment. If we can show up and care for ourselves now then we are ready and able to continue arriving where we have never been before, the new place of embodied truth. 

Thursday, Venus in Cancer is opposite Pluto. Pluto is in Capricorn (retrograde) allowing us to reflect on the themes of our lives that have called us to the "shoulds" over heart based living. Pluto in Capricorn can be helping us untangle all the old beliefs, stories, obligations, fears that those in "power" or the "know" have passed along to us as truth or law. Often times those things give us security but they leave us empty inside.  When we live for those things we lose our connection to what makes us feel alive and nurtured emotionally. It is the work harder, longer to be better mentality. That can work for so long until we are tired and feel depleted.  Although this energy teaches us endurance and dedication we must also balance and apply some heart. In comes Venus in cancer. We have to feel the effects of these "shoulds" and demands. Does it also nurture what we value in our heart? Do we feel cared for? Do we feel seen only by what we do and what is seen on the outside or do we feel seen as who we are? This is not only about work but also our relationships. Are we in partnerships (romantic or not) that allow us to be who we are heart open wide or do we  feel the need to be who we think we should be to gain approval? Saturday, the Sun in Cancer is opposite  Saturn in Sagittarius making this pull between shoulds versus what feels supportive and loving more intense. Saturn in Sagittarius is calling us to mature into our own truth. Along the way, we may meet up with the dogma of right and wrong. We must be willing to explore the gray area that allows us to pull away from polarities that pull us apart and come into our center to feel that which unifies us. The sun is our vital energies. Living in the world of "shoulda, woulda coulda" will drain us of our vital energies. To keep our vitality we must feed our heart. How do we do this? We nurture that which cultivates joy, creativity, play, and passion!

To circle all points to this beautiful gift of Cancer.  Cancer is a cardinal sign which means the energy it carries initiates and brings forth new ways of being. We are being called to explore a new way living in this world and in our bodies. We are being invited to live and act like a person that loves oneself. How would I treat myself if I loved myself fully? That should be a question we replace "What should I do" with! We must honor the gift of our feelings and we must warm the watery emotions with the fire of the heart. Maybe you don't have to work harder to have what you need to be fulfilled in life? Maybe you just need to focus on the work that lights up your heart and allows you to enjoy what you do. Maybe you don't have to beat your body up trying to be more fit and more acceptable to others, maybe you can just move your body is ways that feels loving for the body that you possess today. Maybe when you are sad or lonely instead of probing further into why you are feeling this way and what is wrong with you, you ask your pain what it needs and you take care of yourself the best way you know how. Maybe when you feel confused and directionless in this crazy time you take the time to breathe deeper and rest and make more space for clarity to arrive. I notice a lot of guilt and resistance often to this deep self care and love. I notice thoughts patterns like: this is silly, useless or I am being lazy or I am perpetuating this feeling if I accept it. Friends, these are the lies of the past and the old that is dying. We are worthy of love. We come from it. We do not need to punish ourselves and expect ourselves to be something other than who we are in this moment. When we care and open our arms to fully embrace the present, we realize this new paradigm is way bigger and more expansive than we ever imagined, and there is room for you just as you are as arrive!

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