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Claiming home.. in your radiance

So much to say, so many thoughts, countless ideas or pathways to take coupled with numerous suggestions and perspectives from others..what do we make of this confusing seeming directionless time? It is like we are half sleeping, partially here and partially somewhere else that we have never been. "Todo, I don't think we are in Kansas anymore." This is an odd time to say the least! We are surrounded in water, emotions, feelings, intuition all speaking in a language perhaps that feels like a foreign language. Clear thinking and objective reasoning is not always within an arms reach. The earth we are standing upon seems shifty. The vision and inspiration that is channeled is a deciphering battle between others truth, that seems to hold more weight, and the truth we may be just discovering. Friends, this is the set up for Monday's Full moon in Sagittarius and the Summer Solstice in the midst of the mutable grand cross. We most certainly may feel like our home got blown away and we are over the rainbow trying to get back home, wherever that is??

I will attempt to break this all down in bite size chunks so that we can attempt at some peace of mind with all that we are facing this week! Bear with me, this is tricky! Mercury is the star of the show this week as "the messenger" joins the energy of this mutable grand cross I have been writing about. (If you are just now reading, it may help you to go back and read the last couple posts to get more foundation about this energy ) Mercury is quite at home in the sign of Gemini. This is our only planet in an air sign at this time so although we would assume smooth sailing, it is not quite that simple. Taking into account that Mercury is visible in the morning sky opposed to the night sky we can interpret this to mean that we are more subjective with our thinking and we may not have the most clear and wide lens of perception. Mercury in Gemini can feel like being at Salt and Straw  and trying to decide what type of ice cream to choose. So many flavors, so many ways to think about it, choices, taste one and then another and change your mind. Gemini energy can be flighty like that. Our thoughts can change quickly. We are curious, open minded, adaptable, we are communicating and we are immersed with the city vibe. I don't know about you but now a days in Portland, the small city vibe is being replaced with the high intensity, fast paced, frenetic energy of a larger city..this is what is happening in our minds and so no surprise that trying to delineate a decision or a message from all of this is rather impossible. There is simply static and noise. The grand cross represents life changing, uncharted transformation. Period. What worked before doesn't and we are standing around scratching our heads.  Mercury is opposed to Saturn in Sagittarius allowing us to feel the wall and the limits of how much direction, advice, wisdom, from others we need and how do we filter it all allowing our truth to emerge. Everyone has an opinion. The truth can be told many different ways. We want to find our way yet everyone has a different vision for how that transpires. This is like graduating from college. Time to put all this life experience to practice. Knowledge is great and all but experience is king. We feel polarized between being in the moment, curious by what we are learning and what experience has taught us coupled with what everyone says is the "law". Mercury is also square to Neptune (Saturn is square to it as well). This is where our stories come into play. Our past, our fears, our pain tell a story. Neptune in Pisces is spiritualizing (bringing us back to the One) parts of our life allowing us to dip into the unconscious to replay these sad stories that may need to be retired. When we feel and we can heal, if we are willing to go there. We also get in touch with our dreams in Pisces, the universal flow of consciousness that allows for creativity and deep connection to each other. So we can get caught up in the dream, the ideals, the possibility. Saturn square Neptune is a bit about sobering up. It is the dreamy wide eyed soul versus the father, karma, time and space. Who wins that battle? One piece of advice " Allow your certainty to dissolve and take seriously your intuition." All that water around us is trying to tell us something. Mercury is also square Jupiter is Virgo. Ideas need to materialize. We need to place them through the body filter and feel out their potency. Instead of playing with the belief that none are good enough and perfect enough so we keep trying new ones or different twists, we need to take some steps digest some and start the work. We must begin integrating what we know in this moment. We must be able to feel the impact of our thoughts, beliefs, the stories on our body. The body hold the score. It is time to embody a new story. A story that allows space for us to continue to explore and grow and to step out of the past and into the future, even when the future seems unclear or uncertain. The body provides the structure for our intuitions to take root. You may not know the whole story but you can feel enough to know where to start and where to let go. This grand cross is about choosing to step into the changes with awareness;  to let some things go because they feel heavy and burden some and to be open to what is unfolding, moment by moment allowing a new intuitive certainly to replace the habits of our past. We step up to the plate for ourselves. No one else is going to do the batting for you. 

Then we come to the full moon at 4:02am at 29 degrees Sagittarius. Sagittarius is fire sign that beckons us to our Truth, to natural law, to expansion, to wisdom gained by the diversity of our experience into foreign lands be it literal or the journey we take into the unknown which in turn deepens our understanding of life and our role within in the larger picture. The archetype of this sign is the guru, the remover of darkness. For me this full moon is about claiming our own radiance. Radiance can be defined as light reflected by something or great happiness apparent in one's bearing. I feel the message is to hold your own light sacred. To find that which illuminates your being and allows you to feel completely alive. It is the ability to take and pour that aliveness into everything you say, do and think. Whether you are washing dishes, paying bills or painting a picture. We cannot change the world (although Sagittarians will sure try). We cannot force our truth onto others or judge another for the truth they hold dear, whether we feel it misguided or aligned. What we can do is hold our own light. Be our truth as bright as we can be. Allow the truthfulness of our being to honor our consitution and in doing so we cultivate a social responsibiilty to the vast and wide open world we live in. As Gandhi spoke "Be the change that you want to see in the world ". 

Holding our own light is the perfect segway into the Solstice, the longest day of the year where we honor light. We honor the element of, creativity, passion, play and the joy cultivated by living life from the heart. When we live from our hearts and allow ourselves to be honest with what truly wakes us up to be alive, what stokes the flame that keeps us going despite the traverses through the times of darkness. With the full moon in Sagittarius reminding us of the natural ebbs and flow between light and dark we confirm that both are needed to extract the beauty hidden within. We celebrate on this day what has emerged into the light from the shadows. We honor what we have created, what has been born from the marriage of light and dark. Play is invited, We allow permission to enjoy the bounty that is around us. There is much we could grapple with. We can spend plenty of time listening and reading that which darkens our spirits but within this there is still beauty. There are still lovely souls doing sacred and amazing deeds be it small or profound. There are still intoxicating flowers blooming. There is vibrancy all around us. Look for the small blessings that seek no attention, they are around you still, even within a broken world. 

So, in summary, the sun moving into Cancer tomorrow asks us to come home to yourself where ever you may be. Confused, dreaming, on fire, delusional, grief stricken..welcome yourself and know there is room for this too in this new dimension and paradigm being born of all this change. Home is not in another's approval, a destination or a role. Home is the ability to make space for what is present now within our body, our emotions and our thoughts. When we make a home for it all, we develop the capacity to integrate our dreaming with tangible steps that allow for our embodiment of the new story we are living, the one about our Truth and radiance guided by our intuition. Shine bright dear ones, you have no idea how luminous you truly are!

Please join me at 7p for a special nature walk and outdoor yoga practice at Gabriel Park honoring this beautiful time. More details on my Events page. 

Much love to you all......




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