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Truth Serum

What a week we have in store for us friends! The Sun and Venus conjoined both in Gemini join the Mutable Grand Cross I wrote about last week. On Saturday the Moon will conjoin the Sun and Venus in this cross for a new moon in Gemini. So, we are all getting a dose of this truth serum to work with in our outer life as well as inside closed doors. Aspects with the sun significantly affect us because the sun fuels the light of the sky, the energy of our life force. The Sun is the "I am/I create" of the chart and so everything that you are is illuminated by the sun. The moon reflects the light of the sun and so it affects our internal world, our feelings, our ways of finding emotional safety and security, and how we process our lives. So this week we will feel and see impact of what is going on out there on all sides of our life.  This can be intense but it can also bring about some much needed clarity and changes that keep up in our truth. As much as we can fear the truth even as we claim to desire to live and be of it, I find it is rather the feelings that the truth uncovers that we fear and not necessarily the truth. The truth is neutral and if it is indeed the Truth, it shall set us free from the suffering that hiding and deluding ourselves from it cause in our lives. 

For more background about the Grand Cross, read my last week's post titled "Life in the Margins". This grand cross is in the mutable signs. Mutable signs cause change. This form of energy adapts and changes energy to forms that better serve what is required. It is the energy of transformation, think Shiva energy! This is different that cardinal energy that initiates new forms or fixed energy with sustains and distributes energy. As we add the Sun and Venus to this grand cross we bring in our creative potential to create and to see who we are as reflected in all we do. Venus brings the element of what we value and harmonize with to understand the nature of our abundance and connection to all that is around us in our environment, people included. Both the Sun and Venus are in the sign of Gemini. The Gemini/Sagittarius axis deals with truth. Gemini deals with the relative truth that is found in the moment. One day, we find something to be true and just like the wind changes constantly, we can change our mind in an instant. Sagittarius deals with the Truth that is more tested with time. Be it the Truths of natural laws and the Truth that is found in all the religions and spiritual practices of even foreign lands. Gemini can be called the magician, the jack of all trades, the shape shifter and sometimes what we think and learn and know to be true can feel like that. Today, it is true that I am a vegetarian and tomorrow my truth may be to be a vegan. The Gemini shadow side can be to hide from the truth and to shape shift into what is needed at the time, or what we may feel we is more acceptable forms of truth. It can also lead to a shallowness as we flutter around changing our mind so much never going deeper into what this truth actually looks and feels like under the surface. This relationship with truth can be like a middle school today gone tomorrow ever dancing around all the deep feelings but on the surface looking cool, calm and collected. This energy is balanced by Sagittarius which goes deep, so deep that it can get a little self-righteous believing it has found the truth and that others if not on the bandwagon need to adhere immediately or else they are simply wrong. Sagittarius searches for this truth with the vision quest that takes them into foreign lands and outside the comfort zone of their backyard. Sagittarius wants the Truth that endures, that can be expanded and provide the pathway to the deeper meanings of life. So, all this said. We have the Sun and Venus in Gemini asking us to learn, adapt, be present, and allow for our minds to be changed about how this truth must be expressed in our lives in all we do, taking note of what we value and what we have learned from others and our environment. Instead of getting caught up in all the possibilities of the Gemini mind, use the Venus influence as that standard to what is truly meaningful and valuable to your body, your relationships, your creative potential, and your heart. This call to truth will be balanced by Saturn in Sagittarius asking us to go deeper into how we are living this truth and to ensure that the truth we seek has to potency to mature us and to allow us to expand. The shadow side of this is to suppress our truth at the expense of following what is known and recognized and to look for the truth outside of ourselves or to be dogmatic in how this truth needs to look.  The other sides to this cross are the squares with the Pisces/Virgo axis. Neptune in Pisces can call us to feel what we fear to feel in order to allow for deep healing to occur and for us to spiritualize these expressions of truth. We can find more unity in all we do and with the divine or we can find ourselves in the shadow of this Pisces energy being unconscious, checked out, or claiming to be the victim or martyr of our circumstances. Dealing with our deep truth is heavy and often the temptation is to decide it is too much and to escape in our addictions and our past ways of dealing with our fears and the unknown. On the flip side, Jupiter in Virgo will call us to integrate the experiences that carry potential and all things worthy of our efforts in order to make progress and do the work to propel ourselves into the future. To purge what is unnecessary. We have to then be careful not to be overly critical of ourselves and to feel that we are never "there" or "not good enough" keeping us a slave to the effort and not the nectar from the effort and the surrender. It is not all work and no play. 

On Saturday, we call in a new moon at 15 degrees Gemini. The sabian symbol for this states " two dutch children talking to each other, exchanging their knowledge. The need to clarify one's experience through actual contacts with like minded individuals."  The emphasis on this new moon is to check our discoveries to obtain a clear objective and to validate our experiences with those around us. We are to remain like children, having that purity of mind and freshness to invite in the new. We don't want to remain isolated. When we communicate and share our experiences, we can receive insight and we can often deepen our understandings and broaden them. We do not need to look to another to validate our experiences and insights but rather to refine them and enhance our ability to understand them. I liken this to the old adage that what you teach, you master. You master it by learning alongside others and remaining open to expand what we know as others lens of perception allows our lens to gain breadth. 

So, this week and this time in general is deep, transformational, and expansive. If we can ingest the truth serum and remain awake and aware then we can invite in new ways to work with the energy we have been experiencing for some time now. We can allow ourselves to change and remain present to the ways this energy wishes to take form. We can allow what needs to be destroyed to crumble knowing that just as the wind changes more truthful forms of energy will emerge that secure us deeper into who we are and what we want to create for our lives. 

"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth, not going all the way and not starting." Buddha

The moon this week: Monday: :Pisces (water: feel, spiritualize), Tuesday-Wednesday: Aries (Fire: create), Thursday-Friday: Taurus (earth: stabilize), Saturday-Sunday: Gemini (air: communicate). 

Love to you all..join me this Saturday for a New Moon Gathering at Tanner Springs Park in NW Portland. More information on my events page. 

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