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Life in the Margins

Feel the much needed fresh air and the winds of change as our Sun has moved into Gemini. We have shifted to mutable air from fixed earth. Mutable energy allows energy to adapt and shift into new forms-think Shiva energy. The element of air provides us with perspective and aids communication and learning. We have been lacking this air influence over the last month and now with Mercury now moving direct, we should feel some relief in the communication sector of our lives. Ideas may flow more freely. We may feel ready to speak and talk about things that have been confusing, difficult or that seemed foggy. Jupiter is out of retrograde as well leaving only Saturn, Mars and Pluto remaining. So, it is not yet full steam ahead but we are getting some relief from the slow, tired and reflective energies that we have been heavily under. 

We have a T square that has been tightening its orb slowly and steadily. Jupiter in Virgo (loosely conjunct the N Node of the moon-our future) is square to Saturn in Sagittarius and opposite to Neptune in Pisces (loosely conjunct the South Node of the moon-our past). A T square is a time of change and a birth is the child of these polar tensions. Here are the tensions we are being pulled between: We have Jupiter in Virgo calling us to integrate, purify and to simplify our lives. We are cleaning out what is unnecessary and uncovering what is essential. We are opting for the foods of our life that digest into meaningful nutrients in order to bring us to the future of our ever evolving expanded selves. Neptune is on the polarity of that energy calling us to "feel to heal" the past, to surrender into the mystery, and to dissolve the boundaries and the separations we falsely perceive between ourselves each other and the Divine. Neptune in Pisces says, you are perfect just as you are and there is nothing you need to be or do to change is all spiritual. We may feel these poles as periods of un-motivation as if we are drifting in the clouds of fog and confusion as we connect to the deep emotions and feelings that this time provokes. We may then bounce back into a highly motivated and vigilant time of self improvement and work to integrate what our emotions have led us to experience and to the creative inspirations that come forth when we pause to connect to "all that is" . Then comes in Saturn with its heavy hand calling for reflection, maturity and growth of all these experiences both emotional and experiential(physical). Saturn has been waking us up to our own Truth, we have been getting sober from the illusions that perhaps we have been hiding within. Saturn says you have matured and now is the time to be the you that you seek. You are the guru, you are the parent, you are the boss, you are the leader..the truth and the answer lies within you and what you have discerned through your path and your heart. You can run but you cannot hide from this Truth. You cannot wallow in your emotions, hide under the covers of your illusions or work your self improvement plan forever because life is now and you are the driver. Either drive under the influences of another's truth or sober in your Truth.  Life is happening moment by moment and in the margins just as much as it is in the highlighted areas we hold and aspire towards. Neptune may want us to go to a mountain to meditate to find the answers. To think that we must go away, separate from the noise of life to hear the answers we seek, but the truth is always available to us no matter if we are at the top of a mountain peak meditating or in the middle of rush hour traffic.  Jupiter may have us chasing our dream board, seeking vision quest in a foreign land or integrating a self help guide we just bought to find the truth and the answers so we get "there" but "there" is here and now and we already did what we needed to be able to do what we need to in this moment. So, the message is hear the alarm that is ringing. It is time to get up and be the you only you can be NOW and to listen and hear the truth that is felt from deep within. The truth that withstands the test of time. We have to find the mountain top of stillness within. We have to do the inner work as much as the work of appearance. Tidying the outer doesn't hide the inner. We tend to the inner when we feel, we listen and we honor what in inside. This at times will call for us to speak it, to have those difficult conversations. It also may call for movement even when we are unsure where we will move towards (Mars is still in retrograde). It also may require trust and faith in the small conversations and movements that take place when we live our life fully present and in truth moment by moment without feeling like we have any revelations of what that means and where that is taking us. The big moments of change will happen when the timing is right. So, seek not the answers to the big questions of life in the polarities or the big tensions  but yet in the everyday inconsequential decisions to listen and live from within. Then change and transformation are inevitable and built upon the layers of your truth. And as Gemini teaches, we can adapt and change our understanding of the truth and what we feel is in honor of this truth when we stay present. Feel, go inside..your truth is there and often it is the simple word or phrase you would write in the margin of your life story as it continues unfolding. 

Also this week: Venus moves into Gemini (Tuesday), we can adapt, learn and communicate our values more easily. Relationships are a great place to learn and to share who we are and what we value. Stay present in your relationships and with what you are witnessing in your reflection of you in your environment. Change may be your friend. Be open. Stay present. 

Mars in retrograde travels back to Scorpio. We are still doing the shadow work of pruning the motivations and desires that are from a place of fear or powerlessness. As we feel and we face head on that which scares us and cause us to run, we find an inner power to discern the truth that will set us free. Mars in Scorpio returns us to our past, relationships and where we are ready to bring light into the shadows. 

The moon this week: Tuesday-Wednesday (Capricorn: earth, accomplish),Thursday-Friday: Aquarius (air: reform, liberate); Saturday-Sunday: Pisces: water: feel, spiritualize). 

Many blessings to you all! Have a great week!


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