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Worthless Inertia vs Worthy Exertion

Are you feeling the slow energy? Are you feeling tired? Are you feeling frustrated at the pace that "progress" is taking? Are certain people, tasks and thoughts bugging you? This is a very odd time to say the least. Spring is all around us and with that comes a certain momentum.  We want to start new things, we want to create and move forward yet the energy of this time is reflective, repetitive, and introspective. Our minds move quickly, we can buzz from one idea to the next but perhaps our intellect is outpacing the energy of what is worthy of our exertion! Taurus energy+ 5 planets in retrograde= inertia? Inertia is defined as the tendency to do nothing or remain unchanged. This word has really been on my mind. Yes, we can feel tired with this energy and decide to procrastinate or distract ourselves or check out (do nothing) but we can also resist this energy with our own inertia in the form of remaining unchanged. There are certain tasks in our lives that are so ingrained and familiar that we can do them in our sleep. Have you ever driven to work and realized once arriving that you barely remember driving there? It is like you could check out because it was so familiar that very few parts of you had to show up and be alert. We have patterns like that too. We do the same things over and over again, we think the same things, we move the same ways and this can lead to a bit of inertia until something like a retrograde cycle comes along and wakes us up to some areas of our life in which we find ourselves half asleep. All of the sudden our same patterns, thoughts, actions and strategies don't have the same effect or they lose their zest. Something shook up the sand in our water bottle (patterns in our mind) and now all the sand is floating around trying to resettle, and it will not settle in the same way it did before. This can be felt as a curse or seen as a gift. In order to create positive change and to continue our growth and evolution we cannot do things, say things and strategize the same way each time because we are learning and integrating each day new ways to be alive. But, I am finding in order to create some of the changes, I need to first realize what it is I am doing in the first place. I cannot change something I am unaware of. If I always favor my left leg when standing and I want to create more balance in my hips then I need to be aware of my tendencies. Once I am aware, I need to stop doing some of the things that are not helpful to that balance and start doing the things that will support my vision instead.  This takes that Taurus practicality, determination and resolve.  It take focused exertion.  It can be futile to start new things when at the same time I am continuing habits that take me back to where I started. One step forward, two steps back.  I must really hone in and ground into my desires and stabilize my progress towards them. I have to pay attention when I stand, when I move and when I sit. This takes a great deal of presence. I cannot fall into inertia because inertia will keep me repeating my cycles and feeling less and less connection to my truth. This Wednesday, the Sun in Taurus in quincunx Saturn in Sagittarius. We are able to align our dogma and beliefs closer to our truth allowing for greater growth and expansion when we slow down and stabilize our strategies towards those worthy expressions of our selfhood. Thursday Venus in Taurus is quincunx Mars in Sagittarius so our relationships and reflections of value (money, self worth) get to align with our actions towards creating this strategy for truth. 

Friday, we welcome a new moon in Taurus at 12:29pm. This new moon will be at 16 degrees Taurus. (Take a peek to see what house this will fall in for you). The sabian symbol for this moon is "An old teacher fails to interest his pupils in traditional knowledge." "Keynote: the inadequacy of past knowledge in times of crisis.  From the Zen point of view the mind facing trouble should not depend on past concepts but should repeat "not this! Not that" until the the pure Void is reached. The principle is creative frustration. " You may be experiencing a health crisis, a deep healing of the past, or feel as though you are at a dead end with some areas in your life. There is a T-square with Chiron, the South Node and Neptune in Pisces opposite Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo all square to Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius. In order to reach our truth and to mature into our eldership over our lives, we must be doing our feeling work (connecting to our emotions), our healing work (feeling and processing) and our integration of our experiences. We have to do the deep inner work. We must be taking a good, honest look at what is drawing us closer to our inner harmony and oneness with Source and what is pulling us apart, keeping our wheels spinning and keeping us feeling like we are not good enough. We need to step into our power to discern through our bodies and our deep wisdom what is essential and what is the true opposed to what is excess and what is unnecessary. This new moon is the perfect time to re-develop an inner worthiness by trusting the voice of your heart. What do you value?  How you do stabilize your energy towards those things? How do you allow yourself to enjoy what you create? How do you value yourself in all you say, do and think? How do you say "I value myself" with all your beingness. Worthiness is an inside job and the best way to stroke the truth cord that will allow you to become the judge of what knowledge you serve. Let your knowledge expand as you are and use any frustrations as a launch pad into birthing your new paradigm. 

The moon this week: Monday: Pisces (water: feel/heal): Tuesday-Wednesday: Aries (fire: desire, create), Thursday-Friday: Taurus (earth: stabilize, ground) Saturday-Sunday: Gemini (air: communicate/learn)

Blessings to you all


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