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Do you have the patience to wait until the mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving until the right action arises by itself? Lao Tzu 

Patience. Something this Taurus energy is really good at teaching well as Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Pluto in retrograde. So much of the beauty of the feminine energy that we feel in Taurus is that arising of the natural action. That is what distinguishes it from the masculine. The masculine asserts, is yang! The feminine receives. It creates the fertile vessel so that it can receive inspiration, is yin. There is no striving. There is no hard effort. It begets from stillness. I find all too often that I will get a spark of creativity or an idea for something that excites me. Instead of creating the stillness and the emptiness with which it can be born, I rush into it. I work at moving it along at my pace. I get anxious, overly eager, attached to my way it will unfold and then it ends of feeling different in the end. There is such a distinction in feel, execution, and overall vibration in right action arising by itself compared to right action being rushed or forced. I reflect on strawberries that are grown outside in the timing of the seasons. They taste perfectly sweet, bright, and formed. Then I think of the ones that are grown in the winter most likely in greenhouses out of the cycle of nature and they are not as sweet. They look harder and their vibrance is missing. Sure, we can eat them and they are sufficient but there is such a different experience with eating these compared with the late spring/early summer berries that arrive in right timing. 

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, the vision quest went direct Monday. Jupiter in Virgo has been helping us discern, purify and integrate all that is unnecessary vs what is essential in our life for our greater purpose expansion of who we. We have been getting healthier and working with what we need for our health. We may have been purging old items in our homes. We may be weening activities and commitments that do not serve our soul directives from our calendar. In retrograde, we were able to possibly revisit and reflect on where we went big too fast. Where we added on when we should have been taking more off. Where we expanded an incomplete version of the vision. Jupiter is in a T-square with Saturn in Sagittarius (conjoining with Mars) and Neptune in Pisces (conjoined with the S Node of the moon and Chiron). Saturn in Sagittarius has been working our relationship to time. We are asked to reflect on our experiences and what we believe and hold faith in to see if it has survived the test of time. Saturn asks us to grow up and mature and to be able to have faith in our truth over adherence to ways of living in which we stay chained to others truth and ways of living. Saturn gives us many opportunities to test our our theories to use experience as our teacher so that we know within ourselves what truth feels like and certainly what it does not. Uranus in Neptune is spiritualizing some of the experiences and areas of our lives in which we are ready to experience deep healing and unity through surrender and deep feeling. Neptune is also dispelling illusions and delusions delusions for what spirit, oneness, and truth feels like. Neptune is where we wear our rose colored glasses and are overly optimistic to avoid facing some realities that may cause us to feel some deep emotions . When these three planets collide, major healing, growth and evolution takes place. What ingredient must be present so that this can occur? Patience, for right action to arise naturally. We cannot heal any faster than we need and are able to. I love the Trevor Hall song "You can't rush your healing. Darkness has its teaching. Love is never leaving. You can't rush your healing." We cannot grow any faster than mother nature allows. Some things in life take time and are not on personal timing. (Well it truly is always the right timing for us although we may not see it that way in the moment.) Evolution is a process by which we feel our way though not reason our way through. A quote I heard in yoga class last week by an author I cannot recall said " We evolve not by all of our experiences but by the ones we choose to evolve from."  Patience begets patience. If we understand truly that "good things come to those what wait" because the universe is concerned with right timing and right action that serves our higher calling and truth not our fleeting ego desires then why rush it? May we all invite in more delight and curiosity of the mysterious and magical process of transformation. May we have the faith to trust "that which is empty will be full and that which is full will be emptied." Natural cycles of life occur without our direction. Birth, growth and death are cycles within life in which we must surrender towards. When we wait until the mud settles, we will all see much more clearly. Cheers to the patience required and gift that the perfect timing allows for us to receive. 

The moon this week: Monday-Tuesday: Cancer (water/feel: nurture); Wednesday-Friday: Leo (Fire/create: self express); Saturday-Sunday: Virgo (earth/body: perfect/integrate) 

Have a great week friends! 

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