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The Gateway

Spring has sprung. Growth and birth is all around us. We are connected to nature as thus as we witness its change, we too are experiencing our own growth, birthing, and blossoming. Aries energy dominates right now with the Sun, Uranus and Venus all in the sign. Aries is about action, yang, the masculine, penetration, our will, our desires, the energy that wants to create. We feel called to create, to do something. Yet, perhaps the eclipse has us feeling changed and not so much like the self we knew. I am still integrating the eclipse and what I am realizing is despite all the physical ways the eclipse manifested in me, it left me changed, different, and I simply don't feel the same. I look the same. My life has not changed all that much. But, I don't internally feel the same and I cannot seem to be in my life the same. I feel we entered the "Gateway". The gateway of a new way of being me and living my life for fully. As we enter the gateway, we are resolving and finishing what we are healing, what needs to be let go, and what must not go with us into the next cycle of growth and expansion. We cannot go through the door with a backpack and pockets full of the old. There is only room for the essential in this gateway and that is our truth and who we are now in this moment. So, we stand at the door, emptying the pockets and discarding from our backpacks that which may have served us well before but now is just extra weight now.  This may be people, relationships, jobs, ways of creating, working, you name it, we can stuff anything in our backpack. I notice in mine a lot of creature comforts, the things that are known and familair yet often very limiting. The things that keep me from standing taller or exposing my vulnerability. Perhaps some things that others told me would keep me safe and that would certainly earn me success, and certainly those that gave me these items loved me and had my best interest in mind. None the less, my standard for disposal cannot be good intentions and items that were at one time well loved..hell I would never let anything go! It is like doing a spring clean purge of your closet or your house, at some point you must really be honest with what is useful and what is collecting dust and taking up energy and space without yeilding much joy and return. 

Wednesday the Sun in Aries is square Pluto in Capricorn. This decision of what to take into the gateway is highlighted. I go back to our desire to create, to start, to act from our deep desires, this is the Sun in Aries. Pluto in Capricorn is about releasing and letting go of the past, of that which weights us down and keeps us disempowered. These are the ways in which we show up for the shoulds or the should nots. The way in which we are disconnected from our heart to do what we think we need to do to get ahead, please the others, and do it the way that we are told works often as a means to and end. It is also releasing the beliefs that were passed on to you that don't hold water in your experiences.  I have noticed lately the feeling that my list of important things to create or do is getting longer yet I seem to procrastinate or feel uninspirired to start them. I get anxious and start to feel behind. What I am noticing is that in my backpack I am carrying a lot of ideas and inspirations that now don't seem as important or as true. But I said I would do them? But...follows many logical reasons why. The truth for me is that I am learning that Aries is not necessarily about adding more and new creations. Sometimes we do what we are already doing..differently and that becomes the new. Sometimes, the new is discarding the list and asking again, what really inspires me, what calls to me from inside? Sometimes the new is bringing forth the actions from a new place that is not so mentally or externally inspired. I return to the question, "Does it bring me joy? Does it set me alive? Does it feel like freedom? Those are the deeper questions at the gateway...opposed to... Does it make sense? Is is known or safe? Do I see others doing it or supporting it? On Sunday the Sun conjoins Uranus and so we are called to break out of the known and the ways in which it feels heavy, burdon some or untrue. We may experience aha moments. We may have some options disappear. Unexpected changes are possible and thinking outside the box is encouraged. It is time to get lighter and leap into the unknown of this gateway. Take off your clothes and jump into the water-it's that kinda energy. 

Tuesday, Venus moves into Aries. Mercury moves into Taurus. Venus is Aries is passionate about what she values. She goes for it, she has very little patience for what others value or their needs. Venus rules our relationships (be it with ourself, others and money and our environment).  We are encouraged to tap into those things that drive us from deep within. Be careful for short tempers and frustration when we don't get our way. Mercury is Taurus slows down the mental processing. We can be stubborn and rigid in our thinking. Instead use this fixed earth sign to keep our resolve and stay the course on the truth we know we have uncovered. Taurus encourages taking our time to communicate and following though. It also allows us to uncover some beauty and delight as we communicate with and about what we love. It grounds our thoughts and helps us materialize ideas. 

We are in the shadow zone of Mars and Pluto retrograde which begins on April 17/18th. More about this next week but be mindful of what you are spending energy on and how hard you are pushing. We are entering a very reflective time with Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Pluto and soon Mercury turning retrograde. We will re do , reflect and retract some of what we have thought, done, experienced to take another go at it. 

The moon this week..

We have a new moon on Thursday in Aries. What are you willing to step forward and create from a "new place" or in a "new" way. This is all about you and your desires. Suggestions not welcomed. 

Tuesday-Wednesday (Aries: act, create), Thursday-Friday (Taurus-earth: stabilize feed the senses), Sat-Sunday: Gemini (air: communicate, share)


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