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Wise Focus, Wise Action

Get ready, Mercury, the messenger, joins the retrograde movement this Thursday for its three week cycle of reflection, review, redoing and internalization. Mercury will station retrograde at 23 degrees Taurus and dip back down to 14 degrees before it stations direct again on May 22nd. Mercury is the 5th of the 10 planets which are now in retrograde (Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Pluto). (If you missed my post explaining retrograde read the post titled "Mars Retroflection Traffic Congestion" to get more information.). Mercury tends to get a lot of publicity when it goes retrograde since it happens four times a year. Mercury rules communication, learning (student/teacher), transportation and technology (yes, phones and computers). When this planet starts to "drive in reverse" we often witness travel delays, communication misunderstandings, technology failures and foggy thinking. This is where Mercury gets the attention. Of course none of us enjoy when any of those circumstances occur. It is inconvenient. It is frustrating and it makes us slow down and question our path. This is precisely the reason Mercury invites us to take another look at all of our thoughts, decisions, plans, teachings and communications to ensure that what we are creating truly is valuable, authentic, and worthy of our time, energy, and attention (TEA). Is it true for us in the moment?  This cycle of retrograde for Mercury will be in the fixed earth sign of Taurus. Taurus is stubborn and likes to keep things they way they are, change is not welcomed by the bull. It sinks its feet into the earth and stands it ground. It can be interesting to see what in our communication realm we so attached to holding onto, even when it is actually not feeding us, or serving its intended purpose. Where are we fixated in habit not purpose?  Another aspect of Taurus is the connection to worth. Taurus teaches us about what we value, be it in ourselves and those things near and dear to us. What we place our time, energy, and attention on is what we value, so it is necessary to ensure that our vital energies are being resourced intelligently. Are we spending them on communications and projects that do not really reflect our values in the most truthful way? Remember, Saturn and Mars are in Sagittarius still gnawing on us to be in more our mature, wise, truthful selves. I have found that it is necessary to often distill down more simply what is our core truths and values. We can generalize them or feel like we are "more or less" supporting our values in our speech, communications and plans but when we drill it down, we are a few degrees off and if we are charting a course on a sailboat, a few degrees off can get you lost. It is also necessary to ensure that we are giving those those things that are getting our full TEA energies not shallow or rushed energy to check it off the list.  It is how we care for ourselves and the people in our life that truly reflects how much we value them. It is like hurrying to make a cake and misreading the recipe just to find out you missed an essential ingredient and the cake is now not so enjoyable and delicious. Or thanking someone by text when we could take the time to look them in the eyes and communicate what the act of kindness meant to us. Taurus invites us to take our time and enjoy what we are spending our TEA (time/energy/attention) with. Taurus is a very sensual sign, and beckons us to bask in the sensual artistry of what we create and work with. There is a skillful ness is ensuring that communications, plans and our speech feeds us and others more in just one sense. That we can see, taste, feel, and smell it and that we allow for the patience for all those things to come together. The patience this cultivates ensures that we are abundant in what we offer and what comes back to us. Abundance is a result of realized worthiness and deliberate focus on what we are saying to the universe in our thoughts, actions and beliefs. Abundance is experienced when we slow down, become wise with our focus and thus wise with what actions we take. Taurus energy is like being in the Garden of Eden and once we slow down, channel and wisely resource our energies, we realize we have all we need to create, sustain and enjoy a full life. Simple becomes sufficient and patience becomes the virtue. Complicated can be recognized as unfocused misuse of our energies in order to re-create what is already within us. One last aspect of Taurus that this archetype can teach us is greater self sufficiency and less reliance. When we  honor our personal values to make our plans and check in to our experience of the process (how abundant does it feel), we start to take actions that reflect back the worth we crave and we develop more self esteem and resolve. We can stay in the earth and commit commit to our processes and plans no matter how long they take because we are being fed along the way, and all the while realizing we are enough. The process can be our jewel not necessarily the end result.  We do not need others to validate our worthiness and our treasures because that vibration of abundance is obvious and not being questioned internally. Then we can welcome help and support as a gift without feeling like we need others or that we are in lack. And the beauty is what we give to others is felt in a much richer way because of the care we have taken to craft the treasure of our creations.

As we ponder and reflect on our communications this cycle, I will share with you something a dear friend shared with me once: THINK before you speak. Is it True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and Kind? This would be helpful standard to use as we all turn inward and take our time before speaking, writing and traveling.

Friday, Venus moves into Taurus her home sign. This strengthens this Taurus archetype into our relationships, our inner resources and values. Venus in Taurus asks us to explore our inner relationship with me, myself and I. How do my thoughts, actions and creations echo my value? How does my value mirror back to me in my environment? 

The moon this week: Monday and Tuesday: Sagittarius (fire: vision quest, expand); Wednesday-Thursday: Capricorn (earth: accomplish/form); Friday-Saturday: Aquarius (Air: reform, change); Sunday: Pisces (water: heal, surrender)

Have a wonderful week my friends!