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Live to Survive? or Live to Thrive?

The god of war (Mars) in retrograde is now joined by the god of the underworld, as Pluto now joins Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars in retrograde. Let the reflections begin! What a week we have ahead friends: 4 of the 10 planets in retrograde, a full moon, and the Sun moving into Taurus.  Retrograde times can make you feel tired, uninspired, confused, foggy, and out of sync.  I have noticed that this time for me has also brought a lot of joint pain in my knees and ankles as well as low back tenderness. Lots of attention to our root and sacral chakras as we are healing, transforming, and shifting very old patterns of energy but most importantly bringing us into our bodies to ground, feel, heal and integrate.   If you missed my last post on what "retrograde" means I recommend reading that post before this one. This week Venus is in the spot light. Venus is the feminine, the way the soul connects with the body through the senses. She is our attractive and reflective nature. She teaches us about relationships of all kinds..those with the self and our immediate environment (Taurus) and those with others (Libra). She has a lot to teach us this week....

First things, first. Pluto retrograde. Pluto is the soul, the theme of your life, where you have been and where you must die and be reborn, your transformation. Pluto in Capricorn deals a lot with our beliefs and the paradigms that were passed on to us from those in the "know", be it parents, religion, government, teachers, anyone in authority. Pluto is asking us to reflect on our experiences and to develop a maturity and wisdom that stands the test of time. It is a time to take a deep look into the "truths" and the "knowledge" that we have been told and test it to what we know from how we have lived to discern truth from Truth; truth that works for some versus others; and the Truth that is resonated in all things. It is also a time to surrender to values that others hold that don't hold true weight with us. When we are young we are sponges and we need some direction in order to survive. We need "parents" to teach us right from wrong. When we grow up, it becomes time to make our own judgements and decisions based on what we have found by living our own lives and being our own parents. So, Pluto in Capricorn begs the question, what beliefs/dogmas/knowledge/truths do you need to throw into the fire of transformation and allow for your matured wisdom to shine through? What beliefs will serve your purpose and allow you to become boss/parent for your own life? Tuesday, Venus in Aries will square Pluto. Venus is Aries is bringing us to our desires and values and our ability to make decisions that support me, myself and I. They don't have to be validated by the masses, but they must be felt in your heart. What values need your stamp of approval so that you can begin to build the structures of your life from them? Live to survive or live to thrive? This can only be felt in your body! Feel your values. Feel your decisions. Feel your truth. Truth tastes like freedom like the ocean tastes like salt. The Truth of your own wisdom should build you a foundation that withstands the changes of the weather and the times. Building foundations from others truths with blow away with changing winds like a foundation of sand. You are the architect. 

Tuesday, the sun moves into Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus. Taurus slows us down to get into our senses. We are asked to explore our relationship to the body and to our environment. The outer is always a mirror of the inner. What type of environment will allow you to thrive? Are we enjoying what we creating? I love how Taurus energy stabilizes us and allows for the resolve to make plans, and action steps toward the things that truly are worthy of our time and energy because of their value. What we pour our time, energy and attention into is what we value. How does that feel in your life? What does it look like?Taurus invites us to feel, taste, see, hear the impact and to enjoy our creations along the way. Taurus lives in the moment and says, work at a pace that allows the enjoyment to be in the now and not saved for later or "one day". Take lessons from the bull this month. Fertilize and plant what is deeply valued by your heart and enjoy it as it grows! Take your time, the process should be just as enjoyable as the fruits of your labor or you are missing it or missing out!

Thursday, we have a full moon in 2 degrees Scorpio at 10:23pm PST. The sabian symbol for this is "A delicate bottle of perfume lies broken, releasing its fragrance."  Side-note: "The accidental nature of opportunities that impel one to break away from a past, the remembrance of which is still poignant and cherished." Scorpio pulls us back into the underworld for all things of the past, the dark, and the hidden. In order to experience transformation, something must die. We cannot stay the same and yet change. This often means we must let go of something that gave us joy, positive emotions, and temporary happiness. The principle of impermanence is such a tough one! It is so hard to let go when what we have such strong memories keeping us in the past and strong fears keeping from fully stepping into the future.  The holding on makes us in some ways feel in "control" and we like that feeling. We live in the present though not in the past or the future. The joy from people, things and moments can always stay with us in our memories but nothing lasts forever in our experiences.  All sunsets end in darkness. And all dark nights end with a sunrise. All in due time, the cycle of death and rebirth cannot be escaped by anyone. In order to truly grow something new that will also give us joy and value in this moment we must not cling to the past and the things, be it people, relationships, jobs, and so forth that in this moment are not serving our growth and evolution. This full moon is about surrender, about reflection of the beauty of the cycles of life, and of the mystery of the alchemy of change. Something dies and yet something more powerful is created.  We are broken at times, yet the beautiful aroma of what has provided us with a blanket of perfume any pleasure is still within us. This is the magic of life. Ask the moon illuminate what can be released yet still savored as we prepare for the alchemy of transformation.

Big side note: This week we have lots going on in our 1st chakra (survival, safety, foundations) and in the 2nd chakra (control, relationships, power). You may feel a lot in your feet, legs, bones, joints as well as your hips and low back. Emotions may be all over the board. Energy may be up and down. Be gentle with yourself.  Stay grounded, use your hands, take walks, be in nature, move your body and breathe deeply. Slow down as much as you can. Be respectful of what you need to create a safe environment to feel and process your experiences, do good self care which may mean some time alone. It is easy to project onto others all that we are feeling so, don't take things personal and don't blame others for your experiences. Support one another by taking care of yourself! Remember I am another you, and you are another me. We are all one!

The moon this week:: Monday: Virgo (earth: discern/integrate); Tuesday-Thursday: Libra (air: perspective/relationships); Friday-Saturday: Scorpio (water: shadow work/emotions); Sunday: Sagittarius(fire: expand/vision quest)

Sending love to you all... You are not alone! 

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