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Mars Retroflection Traffic Congestion

This week begins the journey into what I am calling the retroflection zone.  I liken it to traffic in Portland around 3p. Lots of cars and no one is going anywhere fast no matter which bridge or road you choose. Mars our planet of action in the sign of Sagittarius and will will join Jupiter in Virgo, and Saturn in Sagittarius as the 3rd planet in retrograde. Monday, Pluto will join "team retro" and at the end of the month Mercury will decide not to be left out of the fun, totaling 5 of the 10 plants in retrograde. So what is all this mean?

First of all, retrograde motion refers to the perceived motion of a planet. When a planet is termed retrograde we perceive it as moving backwards. This is an optical illusion similarly to when you are passing a car and you glance into the rearview mirror and it appears the car you passed is moving backwards. Despite the optical illusion, when a planet starts a retrograde period, the energy of the planet is personalized and intensified. We will feel this affect on us more so than when it is moving direct. Retrograde periods are a time to reflect, redo, re-evaluate, reform, get the point. So, it is a time to slow down, pay attention and discern what is available to integrate this time. 

Mars is our planet that moves us..encourages us to act and assert our will. It is yang energy, it is the masculine, it is the warrior. It is what allows us to create and learn about who we are by how relate to the environment through our actions. Mars energy can be thought of as a 2 year old child. It is not very conscious energy by default. We have a desire and we want to act on it. We want a toy and if we don't get the toy, we throw a fit. With Mars we get to work with action versus our impulse to act. As a child there is no difference. As we mature, we develop discernment and maybe we realize we cannot throw a fit when we don't get the "toy". We start to learn the middle road. We recognize we have desires but we also recognize that not all of our desires can be acted upon. We learn how to make choices with our energy. Our culture is very yang, and in this way we can be heavy into this energy that wants to do, do, do and constantly go from one thing to another without ceasing, without the allowance of rest. We need to balance this energy with the archetype of Libra. This allows us to step back and reflect on how our actions affect others, and our environment. It allows for listening. It allows for more thought behind why we are doing what we are doing. We add consciousness to our actions instead of acting because we can. 

So what will this retroflection period with Mars be about and how will it affect us?  Mars starts it retrograde period at 8 degrees Sagittarius. The sabian symbol for 8 degrees Sagittarius reads "within the depths of the earth new elements are being formed.". This is a time for psychic gestation. We are undergoing alchemical shifts that we are not yet conscious of and as we make these changes conscious a new level of awareness is available for us to respond to life. As we feel this energy slow down and intensify, we may  create chaos so that we do not have to slow down and deal with the discomfort of these internal changes. Chaos can be an excuse to be unconscious and ungrounded in how and what we are doing. We can blame being busy or having a full plate on not checking in with our energies to evaluate the motivators and consequences of our actions.  We also may try to force action and movement where there is not the felt sense of support and synchronization with the universe. This can also lead to stress and chaos. Unexpected roadblocks could come up to halt our actions giving us strong hints that certain actions are not the way. On the flip side, we may pool in indecision or immobility. We may feel there are too many choices and we may not trust where to begin and which way to go. Feeling immobile will cause stress, anger and for me I have noticed pain in my knees and joints. The places that need to move and create action are speaking to me! This can help point us to where in our life we need to move and take action. Mars in Sagittarius can give us lots of opportunities. We may be getting bombarded with inspiration, offers, ideas and idealism...I will be happy when I create this or do that. But, Sagittarius is about truth also. It is about finding our truth. Truth tastes like freedom. Truth is the elixir that lights us up and actually gives us more energy so that we are not acting from depletion. It is about having the faith to act from our truth even when others cannot and do not validate us. It is about dropping the notion of right and wrong and asking what is true for me? It is about trusting our intuition and acting from a place of integrity that allows for self respect and honesty, Who would we be and how would we be if we discounted the approval of others that cause us to follow group truth or another's others path? The truth is also about recognizing what we are creating from, how are we honoring our vital energies. Are we able to be honest with ourself as to coming from a place of depletion because we are uncomfortable resting or cultivating patience and discernment? Part of being the sage (which is the archetype of Sagittarius) is being a master of your energies. Knowing when to act and when to abstain. Knowing what is truth and what is habit. Knowing when the universe is supporting your efforts and when it is nudging you to rest and wait. This retroflection is about slowing down the action bus and getting real. What is your truth elixir lighting up for you? What needs to be put to rest or retired? Where do you need to take a step back and where do you need to take a step? Only you can answer these questions. Only you know the truth, so ask yourself what is your truth tasting like? Freedom or ? Mars will be in retrograde until June 29th. It will carry us back into the Scorpio waters before it goes back to the light. More on that later. One thing at a time right?

The moon this week: Monday: Gemini (Air: network); Tuesday-Wednesday (Cancer: nurture); Thursday-Friday (Leo: self expression); Saturday-Sunday (Virgo: analyze, integrate)

* To know what house or where the Mars retrograde cycle will hit your personally, look to the house in your natal chart where you see 8 degrees Sagittarius. Mars will travel from 8 degrees back to 0 and then from 30 to 23 degrees Scorpio. Match those degrees on your natal chart. The house tells the where for the questions of energy and action.

Have a super week! May we all benefit from finding our value not in what we do but in who we are and the beauty of our truth.




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