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Total Eclipse of the Heart

This week we are in the midst of quite an auspicious and evolutionary focused energy. Tuesday, at 5:58pm PST we will experience a total solar eclipse in 18 degrees Pisces. This is also during the new moon in Pisces. In 2 weeks, on the full moon we will experience a lunar eclipse in Libra. So truly since the full moon two weeks ago and until the new moon on April 7th, we are in a powerful time of transformation and major shifts. Eclipses occur along the nodal axis of the moon. The nodal axis of the moon deals with the evolution of the soul throughout the lifetimes. The south node deals with our karma, our past, and what is in a sense blooming from the efforts and work of the past. It is where we are coming from, the known and the familiar. This solar eclipse is transpiring on the South Node of moon and is also conjoined with Chiron, "the wounded healer". So we have Chiron, the South Node, the Sun and the Moon all conjoined in the sign of Pisces. What does an eclipse mean? One of my friends and teachers described it as when you are taking a picture and your thumb gets in the middle of the camera lens and what you are focusing on. For a moment the sun, (our creative potential,the fuel for our life) is hidden. It is a moment of clarity, a possible awakening to something that has seemed hidden or in accessible before, a shift, a change..truly anything is possible, but you can expect something out of the ordinary! Look in your birth chart to where 18 degrees Pisces falls to see the house of where this eclipse is occurring for you. We may look to what is ready to be fully seen from what you have been working on in the past. Perhaps you finally have clarity as to what you have been evolving and growing in a new light or from a different view. There is also the side of what needs to be surrendered and perhaps what has fully matured or never matured despite our efforts that needs to be released. Sometimes the direction we felt we were going makes a turn and shift and where we felt we were going no longer feels easy and in the flow. Perhaps this moment is the one where we admit, I don't know and and we trust and let go of the stories that are not based in reality of what truly is at this moment. Pisces can deal with the dream, illusions and ways in which we create stories to protect ourself from change, pain, or the discomfort of vulnerability.  We concoct these stories and we attach to them, we attach identities to the stories, to the people that are in our lives, and to the events in our lives. This is a time to take off the rose colored glasses and see that there is the real identity of the self (our true nature and  our relevance just because we are), the actual events, the actual people in our lives and the the stories that we build around the actual truth for our own personal reasons. Often we need to disentangle the stories from the truth for our growth and healing. We must feel the pain. We must deal with our humanness and imperfection. We must be vulnerable to what is really true even if it does not feel the way we want it to. This is the Chiron influence to this eclipse. You may be experiencing so many emotions grief, confusion, anger, laziness, defeat, the desire to check out of it is all possible as we are truly in touch with the ocean of our feelings..old ones especially that have been suppressed from the past. The goal here is not to push them away. No to try to reason or figure them out and the causes behind them. Not to get lost and drown in them but to realize that as we feel, we open ourselves to heal. We allow emotions to be felt and processed so that we can truly let them go. This does not require that we understand them and their origin. This involves so much surrender. Surrender to what we must face in our total honesty with ourselves. In a sense the death to the stories and what we built around them to maintain them. But we can know that what does die gets morphed and changed into a new form that serves our deepest wisdom self. We are not victims being robbed of what we love to just experience loss and pain. We are experiencing labor contractions so that we can birth into our lives something new and precious for us to behold. A new way in which to experience ourselves and our life.  The nodes of the moon are direct for this eclipse and normally the nodes spend a great deal of time in retrograde motion (perceived backward motion-think reflection and redoing). This lends to great clarity and an ability to truly feel and know internally some truths that may have seemed confusing, or out of reach. This time also can lend us to want to escape and check out of all that we are experiencing. We may get ill, feel the need to over indulge in alcohol or food, we may seek drugs or mind numbing escapist techniques (some of us that means we get really busy to avoid feeling). Pisces can certainly offer the chances to want to give up, wave the white flag and decide life isn't fair and that we are not getting anywhere. This is the point at which I feel we are closer than ever to the birth we are truly awaiting. It is from here if we can stay awake, alert, and in trust of our internal guidance that I feel we can be led from this place of knowing into the unknown and into deeper experiences of love and connection with ourselves, our lives and the people around us. Pisces also offers us that deepest connection to source, love, connection and support when we are free of our guards, our stories, our fears and the ways we separate from the very things we crave. We have to step into that place of unknowing, the mystery to fall back into that ocean of love and support. We have to believe that in this moment all is well and everything including ourselves are just as they should be.

The polarity of this eclipse is the North Node and Jupiter in the sign of Virgo. Virgo asks that we integrate our experiences, take steps to make our ideas, dreams and goals a reality. It asks that we purify ourselves of that which does not serve us. We need to make room for that which does! You may be feeling the need to purge your home, your schedule or any part of your life of the clutter, the useless, the unnecessary. This is all the means of clearing the energy and being open for what is coming. With Jupiter on the North Node it may require risk and stepping into uncharted territory and into things that expand ourselves past what we know and have done. Look to 18 degrees Virgo in your chart for where you need to "spring clean" and where you need to do some work to integrate where know you need to move forward and do something even if it is small. Trust your internal guidance so that what is leading you feels authentic, truthful and centering. Try to avoid action just for the sake of action (avoidance of non-action). 

Another part of this eclipse is Saturn in Sagittarius squaring the nodes. A square can be felt as tension and the method for energies to birth something greater than the parts. So we have the Virgo energy to take steps and move ahead into these new frontiers and on the other side the Pisces energy to surrender, release, and to find wholeness in simply our being. Saturn asks sometimes for us to slow down and take the time to evaluate our experiences to ensure we are truly learning from our past and not repeating karma. He also give us permission to take our time in building sustainable structures in our life that serve us and our truth key word OUR TRUTH. It also can be a time of reflection where we have to admit that we are not sure where we are going and we need to pause and let the energy lead us instead of blasting ahead in chaos and fear. Maybe the energy we thought we needed to spend and pour into something just doesn't seem to be working. Maybe this is a time of clarity and refocusing. Saturn invites us to our relationship with time. A healthy relationship with time says that we do not force, rush or misuse our time. That we honor it as a reflection of our relationship to all things. We cultivate patience and trust. 

To to summarize all much is available thanks to Pisces. We could swim in a thousand different directions searching for the "right direction". We could get overwhelmed by the questions. Or,  we can pause and breathe and allow ourselves to find worth and strength in simply being in whatever state we find ourselves. We can choose to accept this moment for what is is and what is brings us. We can say the mantra "I am worthy. I am lovable. Nothing I do will ever make me more of less worthy of that which I come from...universal love and acceptance. We are all searching. We all want to find what we are looking for. Perhaps it is not just around the corner or hiding but simply right before us. Relax. Surrender. Feel this moment. There is nothing you must do and nothing you are missing. Be yourself by simply being. Let who you are shine so bright in your beingness that any action or inaction that you choose simply allows for more to love and accept about yourself. 


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