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The Dawning of a New Balance

Are you ready for round 2 of eclipses? Ready or not, here we go into a lunar eclipse at 3 degrees Libra at 4:48am on Wednesday morning! Our full moon will occur at 5:01am. So what is this lunar eclipse about? The moon deals with our feelings and how we operate on a intuitive and emotional level. This eclipse happens in the sign of Libra. Libra helps us with the dance of balance. How we regulate between the extremes of life and how we find ways to see and learn about ourselves and gain perspective through relationships. Talk about extremes..boy have we been experiencing the pendulum swing! In February is was full steam ahead and we were all busy, scheduled, and seeing how much we could do and pile onto our plates. We tested the limits. Then came that flux of pisces energy and we needed to call a time out.  We were tired, worn out, frazzled and many of us needed to get sick to rest and restore. We were feeling, we were healing and it was something less than was tiring! And now we are standing in the middle saying, so what now? We know the limits and God knows living at max capacity doesn't lend itself to feeling all that amazing and the polarity of laziness, wanting to check out, and being directionless isn't all it is cracked up to either. We are left asking what is balance like for me? What lends me to step towards my potential without going too far yet respecting my need to have down time and feel worthy in just enjoying and savoring my doings. Too words for me come up. Spacious and Fullness. Personally, those are two of my intentions for my life. How do I fully commit myself to what serves my truth thus benefiting others and allows me to show up 100% in my fullness. None of this multitasking and half ass bologna. How do I live a life feeling spacious so that I use discretion with my precious assets of my time and my resources?  How I do I allow myself to do my soul work while feeling like there is space to receive new gifts and support and space to allow myself to revel in the enjoyment of what I have chosen? This requires a balance that is not necessarily 50/50 or a specific formula. It is an individual special formula that only I can conjure using my experience and my heart. That is where Virgo, the polarity of Pisces comes in. We have Jupiter conjunct the North Node of the moon calling us to discern, analyze and digest our experiences to see what is really necessary, what gives us the ultimate nutrition opposed to what is filler, empty calories? We return to our body to test the formula. The result should enhance our health and vitality not rob it. The result should allow us room to expand in directions we could not predict (can you say spacious). It should leave us feeling full yet inspired to eat again not sluggishly overstuffed. This eclipse may reveal what you feel you need to strike that balance and harmonize with life and those that are in your life. A truth I am learning is that if I cannot respect and honor this delicate balance with my relationship with self then there is no way I can be in harmony and balance with others. I will need them to fill me and to equalize me. How can I first respect myself enough to honor what I need to feel balanced? For me it is respecting the needs of my body for movement, healing food, and rest. It is honoring the need to have time to plan and prepare for my commitments and to have space to rest before and after. I want to show up as my best for all that I do and not be there to check the box. This requires the Virgo discipline and effort to keep the commitments to myself that I need to be my best. This means saying no and taking the time before saying yes. I don't think you randomly fall into balance. It is the dedication to yourself and your prime directive that allows you to work towards this place of harmony.

Saturn is Sagittarius is square Jupiter in Virgo on Wednesday. I think this re affirms our attention to our prime directive. We must be honest with our truth. Sometimes we have to experiment with our truth to figure out what it truly is. But as experience is our guide, our truth stands the test of time and will remain steadfast despite the bends and curves of life.  What is the truth that drives your life force, that wakes you up and makes you feel alive? Ask your heart because your truth is not in your head but lights a fire in your heart. This must be the standard for which you compare all the limitless choices and all the work you could pour into the paths available to you. You could go countless ways, but you will choose one maybe a few. You could work them to death and perfect and analyze them till you die, but there is a current of truth that must be distilled that expands you, illuminates for you a path that is larger than what you would have chosen if playing it safe or left to your old ways. Saturn says, take the time to reflect, to realize that this path of truth is not the quick fix, the easy way, or the most obvious but it is the one that matures you and sobers you to what you always knew deep down. Saturn will go retrograde starting Friday so we get a chance to reflect, redo and re-examine our truth and our soul directives. We get to ask what is making me smaller and what is asking me to grow up?

Venus in Pisces will oppose Jupiter and square Saturn on Friday as well. So relationships are being brought to the test with these same questions. We get to ask about ourselves and then relearn about ourselves through our mirrors.

Mercury moves into Aries a place it is much more comfortable on Monday and conjoins the Sun in Aries on Wednesday. Aries energy is our get up and go. It brings us into assertive and action oriented behavior. We get empowered. We don't get to stay in the clouds in our dreams and ideas. We have to act on them. We have to do something, plant the seed and use that inspiration to go for it. No more thinking but put the power of your energy behind it. Give it the gas it needs to fan the flames of your passion and desires. 

The sabian symbol for 3 degrees libra says: The dawn of a new day reveals everything changed. The ever present possibility of beginning again on a new foundation of values. On Wednesday, we get to dawn into a new season of our truths and how respecting and honoring the delicate balance of how we put our truths into action will change the harmony with which we partner with life. Co-create. Rest. Be full yet be spacious! What is your secret formula now shining under the full moon?

The moon this week:

Monday-Tuesday: Virgo (earth, discern, integrate); Wednesday-Thursday: Libra (air, balance, perspective); Friday-Saturday: Scorpio (water: feel, merge), Sunday: Sagittarius (fire: expand, faith). 

Love and light to you all!

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