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Unsynchronized Swimming in Pisces

Is there anybody out there? Am I swimming/drowning/treading water alone? Welcome to the deep waters of Pisces! Right now we have 5 planets in Pisces along with the South Node of the moon. We are all in the water! It just may not seem like you have company. This last week was a doozie. So many people are getting sick. You may be feeling weird in your body or have odd aches and pains surfacing. You may feel sleepy, unmotivated and generally just "off". You may feel overwhelmed with life and all that "needs to be done". I have noticed waves of emotion followed by waves of feeling flat and unemotional. I have noticed deep loneliness or sadness for unknown reasons followed by the strong desire to get away from everyone and be alone. I think no matter how you are feeling there is someone else feeling the same way. The paradox of Pisces through is that although the veil is thin and we are so connected to each other and sensing others emotions we feel so isolated and alone. Let's be honest all these deep emotional waters are not such a comfortable and convenient place to tread.  We can be consciously feeling them and working with them or we can unconsciously sense them and project them onto others wondering what the heck is wrong with everyone. But one thing is certain we are all feeling. Emotions are energy and feeling is the way the body works with the energy in order to release it and transform the energy so that where the energy was held (the emotion held in the body) can be healed. But, we are not in control of our emotions and that makes us feel vulnerable and at times fearful. We feel weak when we feel sad. We can be made to feel like we have done something wrong when we don't feel happy and excited and social. Emotions turn us upside down and in this culture we don't like losing control and emotions can do just that. The problem is that when we repress emotions or analyze them, judge them, or block their free expression in the felt sense we block our healing and the flow of our energy. This is a deep time for healing and for preparing for what is to be birthed in the spring. We are still in the pre labor period experiencing the contractions. This week Mercury (communication planet) will conjoin with Chiron both in the sign of Pisces and oppose Jupiter in Virgo and square Saturn in Sagittarius. I think this will give us the desire to feel pulled towards doing something about what we are feeling/healing opposed to just being overwhelmed by feeling or wanting to understand how and what we feel before we do something with it. That is the energy of opposition. Saturn is right in the middle asking for compromise or something more that just the polarities. Saturn teaches us that integration takes time. That we may not have the answers but there is beneath it all a layer of truth that we need to recognize and mature into. We don't get to know why we feel the way we do and what the point of it all is. We don't get to know why this certain event is preparing us for something 2 years down the road. All these feelings are not here to torment us but they are clearing us out and pointing the way to something larger, more expansive and more mature in a sense. Something that has the capacity to be more inclusive of our wholeness and authenticity. We don't have to live a life half full. We don't have to live for another's dream. We don't have to work ourselves to death. We don't have to live in the world of just our dreams. This takes risk. This takes faith. This will take wise and sophisticated movement. Not reckless, disconnected and eyes closed action. We may not get all the answers first and know the reasons before we step forward.  I think this week the deeper conversation is with the wise self. The self that observes the emotions and that sees above and below it. This takes honest reflection of what is showing up for you. What is the current drawing you to release and surrender towards? I don't think this is the time to seek answers outside yourself. It is time to honor the wisdom you carry and the wisdom of your body. With very little earth, get grounded before these inner dialogues. Do your "yoga" and get connected to you in order to listen to the truth. You will integrate it little by little. There is no quick fix or express lane. Release the need to know why and how as this will just pull you underwater again.

Another big transit this week is Venus in Pisces squaring Mars in Sagittarius. Later Venus will conjoin Neptune in Pisces exactly. This can lend to being overly optimistic about our relationships or things we value or being in denial or in check out mode to what is going on in relationships even our own personal relationship. Mars in Sagittarius wants to do something, act, and push our agendas, react...maybe even go away and test other waters in other places. This can push pull us against our ability to just be and feel and listen and our ability to do, take action and react to what is going on around us. I feel it is important to see all the people in our lives as our mirror (because they are). Everyone is assisting us in our healing yet we don't always see it that way. I am trying to look past the reactions and responses of everyone and instead of becoming offended, reading into reactions, trying to see the part of me that is being shown to me to integrate. I am looking for that same part of them that is just trying to do the best they can in these unsettling times. I know I am trying to. So when someone seems to offend you or ignore you or make you feel anything less than desirable, bless them. Try to see beneath the layer and try to acknowlege that with all these emotions swirling around, we are al dealing with it all in the way we can and know best. See the humanness in everyone and allow it to honor and love the humaness in you. Act from truth, act from a place of worthiness. "Wholehearted living is about engaging in our lives from a place of worthiness." Brene Brown. Pisces invites us to living from a place of vulnerability and  often confusion and the truth of I don't know, we truly recognize the same spirit that exists in all of us. The spirit that without the armor can love and connect and be good enough in this moment no matter what we do or not do. 

The moon this week:

Monday-Tuesday: Gemini (air:communicate/share); Wednesday-Thursday: Cancer (water: feel/nurture); Friday-Saturday: Leo (fire: create/self-expression); Sunday: Virgo (earth: digest/intgrate)

Saturday the Sun goes into Aries and we celebrate the Spring Equinox. We honor what balance of light and dark and the upcoming birth of the spring season and the birth of what we are ready to bring to the light!

Have a wonderful week friends. You are not alone. We are swimming together so reach our your hand!!

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