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Free your Mind

"Free your mind, and the rest will follow. Be colour blind, don't be so shallow.. " -En Vogue. Monday, we will welcome a new moon in Aquarius and these lyrics popped into my head as inspiration for what this new moon holds for us. New moons are seed times, the moon is dark unseen and all that can be felt is intention and potential for what we can bring into the light. In a sense we get to start again, hit reset, and birth something new into our consciousness. This is the perfect beginning to a very intense and powerful ending last week. We had lots of square energies brewing which can be felt in anger, tension, feeling defeated, heavy, tired, get the idea. This is not always pleasurable or desirable but the benefit it something is birthed with all that tension..something new. The "either or "that square aspects bring becomes "both and more". This is quite perfectly the Aquarian way.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the ruler of the higher mind, the genius, the individualist, the solution finder, the liberator. Because this higher mind can be open to the other realms superseding time and space and the constraints of this 3rd dimension, all kinds of possibilities exist. The problem is that we have to get out of our own way. We have to let go of all that we know,  all that we hold onto with clinched fists, clearing our feelings and opinions out of the way too. The way into Aquarius is to lighten the load and with open minds and hands step into new shoes. Even the wanting to figure it out and reason with it. Just like the song, we have to be color blind to the "colors" we always see...the ways in which our experiences color what we "know" and hold to. We don't necessarily have to see only black or white but rather beyond color. That is the difference. It is rarely a black or white revelation that is the game changer, it is something blurred between or outside the two..something that we miss because we look in polarities like black or white or between the colors of our knowns. It would be like taking a pair of binoculars and blurring it out a bit to see what we may be missing by being so laser focused on what we think we need to see. What if we just saw our life for what it was.. the way it is because it is. Period. No questions or explanations needed. And then we surrender and listen. Let ourselves UN focus and claim the beginners mind of possibility. The voice underneath the voice of our questions, analyzing, and reasoning. The mind is trained to solve problems. Genius revelations happen when we let go of the problem and get in the frequency of the solution. What if our current status isn't a problem to be fixed or solved? If this is the case the mind can rest and in resting, we can receive because we are not working to solve anything. We are open. We are free. 

"...before you can read me you gotta learn how to see me"...I don't think we can get a good "read" on our lives and the tension which causes us to resist, struggle or feel out of alignment to what is without really "seeing" the fullness of the situation. This is the bird's eye view. The gift of insight and perspective. Aquarius bring us this. It is like traveling to outer space though for the view. Can you take that high of a view and an un-focus on your life to see what is being birthed, what is growing and what is really beginning in the midst of what is changing, ending, causing you to feel ungrounded and shaken up? On Wednesday, the Sun (Aquarius) is quincunx Jupiter (Virgo).  What is illuminated when we  fully see and open to receive new insights may just be the hidden door to a deeper way of healing and integrating our experiences in our lives. 

Mars in Scorpio is still square the Sun in Aquarius as we start off the week...feelings, desires, fear, power struggles in how we create and assert ourselves rub against non-attachment, breaking free, solutions to being empowered to live out our creative potential in fullness...what being born of this union that is both and more? Free your mind..and the rest will follow. Be quiet. Let go. Listen with less intention. 

The moon this week:

Monday-Aquarius(air/liberate the mind), Tuesday-Wednesday-Pisces(water/surrender to feelings/healing), Thursday-Friday-Aries (Fire, create from desires), Sat-Sun-Taurus (Earth,sensually connect to body)

Blessings and love to you all....


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