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Here today, gone tomorrow...

Happy Leap Day! We have a slow, dreamy, watery start to our week. The Sun conjoined Neptune both in Pisces yesterday highlighting that nebulous, sleepy and let it go energy and the moon has been in watery, deep scorpio.  You may have noticed a lot of dreams or the inability to direct your energy as clearly as normal. Maybe you allowed yourself to take a nap! With all this busy energy we have all been experiencing all month this weekend slow down can feel awkward and unsettling. We are so accomstomed to doing and being busy that often we resist the gift of a break which most of us desperately need.  All this Pisces energy we are integrating is calling us into some deep feeling, healing, and surrender into whatever we are working on so diligently be it a project or ourselves. This week starts a large shift towards this mutable energy. Get ready Pisces, Virgos, Sagittarians and Gemini's (mutable signs)! This will certainly affect you the most. Mutable energy is the movement of energy to adapt, mutate, transform and change. So one form becomes another. You yogis out there think Shiva energy.  Energy we were directing towards something gets shifted into something different or adapted into a more workable form or it gets destroyed so that something new can be formed. This is not a bad thing. This means that there is a better form for the energy to express itself. This highlights change. This means that what is present today will not be present in the same form tomorrow. Change brings us to choices: resist the change and work hard to keep things the same or surrender and fall into and in sync with the change. It sounds so simple but we all know much of which is changing is not to easy to release our grasp from holding on to it so tightly or to accept it on faith. There is not a lot of air out there right now so perspective and clarity are not as easy to access. We are in a sense having to roll with the changes blindly or without understanding. We have to trust vision, intuition, the inner wisdom and that is not always easy in our 3rd dimension physical time and space reality. The air that is present is more "outer space" air..Aquarius energy will bring about unexpected, quick, changes and information from "out there" and through our 3rd eye or intuition so even the air we are working with is not quite so familiar. It too is supporting our change and break outs from the routine. Remember Jupiter in Virgo is calling us for a year of purification, healing and integration of what is essential and needed for our growth and vitality. So when we are "cleansing" as you know you have to detox and eliminate from your daily diet what is not working out so well in your regime. So, without a lot of air what do we do? We breathe! We take a time out to return to our bodies and take in a deeper inhale to slow down and to return to a more relaxed and conscious state. When things are changing and when we feel out of control, we tend to tense up, our breath shortens and in a sense we get smaller. We shrink in for protection. Part of our "yoga" is to recognize when we are in the middle of change and transformation be it chosen or offered graciously by the universe and to care for ourselves and allow ourselves to be in our most centered state before we are acting, reacting and moving forward. Instead of moving forward in our tense and stressful state, we choose to take a moment to slow down, recenter, breathe deeper and to come back to ourselves. With this we gain a clearer perspective and we can access the deeper wisdom we carry, the intuition offered to us in each moment and to call upon our vision of where we know we are navigating towards..what is our call to be the most authentic in our lives for this moment. Another part of navigating this change is the patience to withhold action and forward movement until it feels aligned. Refraining from acting because we are comfortable acting and feel desperate to "do" something. Letting the energy align and take a more definite from before we intermingle with it. Pisces can teach us patience. We are worthy and complete even when we are waiting and just being. Maybe we practice receiving. Maybe we allow ourselves to practice yoga and breathe into the unknown and the mystery of where this ride is taking us. This calls us to be present in each moment because at any time it may be the time to act to take another dip into the water and ride the flow again. Truly, we just need to keep asking our bodies to guide us.  

On Thursday and Friday Mercury has some big aspects, you may feel these already.  Mercury rules our mind and our thinking and learning and all mental functions. Thursday, Mercury in Aquarius forms a quincunx with Jupiter in Virgo. So energy to break free of the way we think and process in order to expand and to step into the genius mind interacts in a strange and often hidden way with energy calling us to grow and expand our paradigm of ourselves with regards to our health, our healing and the way we are digesting our lives so that we may be in better service to ourselves and each other.  On Friday Mercury squares (think both and more-birthing something new) Mars in Scorpio. Mars rules our will and desires and our ability to act and assert ourselves. In Scorpio, Mars is pruning out what has died and looking for the light of what is purely our truth, what leads us to our self empowerment and our ability to step boldly into transformation to find our deep truth. This deals a lot with others and those things that hold power therefore we fear losing. Both of these transits calls us to be aware, to roll with what is showing up and to see beyond the appearances for what is below the surface. 

Saturday, Mercury moves into Pisces and Mars moves into Sagittarius. We get more mutable energy..more change and transformation! Also, Saturday, the Sun in Pisces asking us to surrender to find unity and support and to dissolve separation squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn in Sagittarius is calling us to mature into our truth and to take steps to put our truth into form. To expand beyond ideas and experiences and be a leader towards how our truth can be seen by others. These conflicting energies need to birth something of both that is greater than the sum of the parts...what unifies, allows us to feel without walls and to know our oneness while inspiring us to take this "knowing" into our work, our lives and our bodies and into time and space. Our spiritual work needs to come off our meditation cushion and be practical!

The moon this week: Monday: Scorpio(water, deep feeling, emotional pruning), Tues-Wed: Sagitarius (fire:expand, find vision, explore), Thur-Friday: Capricorn (earth: accomplish, do the work), Sat-Sun: Aquarius (Air: reform, invent, think outside the box)

Here today, gone tomorrow. That is the energy of this time. I hope we can all take a deep breath, ground our bodies and patiently step forward into what is unfolding moment by moment being open to the new pathways that are now available! 



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