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Full Moon Matters of the Heart

We start this week with a Full Moon in 3 degrees Virgo. (Look where 3 degrees Virgo falls in your birth chart to see the house or the "where" this full moon will be lighting up some insights for you!) Our Sun is in Pisces and so a full moon signifies that the moon is opposite the sun. These energies show polarities. Yin/Yang..both sides of the coin. Virgo is the sign of integration, purification and initiation. This earth sign takes us to our bodies to ask the question "What is essential and what is excess or un necessary?" We cannot digest it all.  We cannot do it all. We cannot be everything. We have to at some point trim the fat and get to the meat of it all. (Sorry vegetarians). We can try it all. We can say yes to it all and pack ourselves to the gills. We can flutter from here to there and dabble in this and that (all Piscean qualities-think unity so the include it all in the mix) But, at some point we get overwhelmed and feel directionless. Like when you get too much information that nothing sticks or seems helpful. Pisces can get us overwhelmed. Jupiter is at play here as the co-ruler and where Jupiter lies there is always the risk of too much. The saying " Less is more" is a Virgo truth. Virgos analyze, sort and discern what is necessary for initiation into what is truly helpful for feeling vital, full and energized. What is really going to get me to where I want to go and what is keeping me in the revolving door? At some point we have to take something off the plate. At some point we have to say no or not anymore. At some point we have to actually evaluate, what is the cost/benefit analysis of this effort? If we are stuck in routines, schedules and commitments with fleeting returns, Virgo says "clean house". This applies to our health, our relationships, our all. It is all connected so excess or dead weight at work will affect your body and self care that is neglected will affect your work. It all matters but all of it does not matter, if you catch my drift. This full moon asks you, with all the madness in these times, when you feel out of control, spinning, lost...get into your Virgo archetype (we all have Virgo in our chart) and ask "What is essential?" Start with that. Keep it simple. Release the rest. If it is necessary it will come back or you will add it back with intention. Sometimes the best way to know what you need it so sweep it all clean and feel what empty is like. Feel what your body calls for? Then from that place of clarity add back what you know you can do, what you know you need and what fills you up in a way that only the good nutrients can. It is like choosing that food when you are starving. A candy bar may satisfy the hunger pains but it will not leave you feeling full and nourished. What are you "snacking" on instead satiating the true calling of your body? Virgo calls for action. Ask and then do. Take the step.  As David Whyte says"


Start close in,
don't take the second step
or the third,
start with the first
close in,
the step
you don't want to take.

Start with
the ground
you know,
the pale ground
beneath your feet,
your own
way of starting
the conversation.

Start with your own
give up on other
people's questions,
don't let them
smother something simple

The Sabian symbol for 3 degrees Virgo is "Two Guardian Angels". The footnote reading "Invisible help and protection in times of crisis".  Virgo can often lead us to a crisis in order to make the changes we need for our growth and evolution.  These are not easy times we are living in. It seems so many people are dealing with endings of relationships, major career or life changes, body pains, deaths, and crisis of all sorts. This can make you feel quite alone, hopeless, and a little bleak at times.  This can be the shadow of Pisces with the veil of separation from this oneness and love we all crave and need. Pisces deals with the collective unconscious: everything from dreams to illusions, unlimited creative potential to victimhood. Pisces is co-ruled by Jupiter (think abundance, expanding) and Neptune (think dreamy, illusive, spiritual).  Pisces people are known for feeling what everyone feels..being psychic sponges. Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, is the archetype that calls the soul back to Source, the place of universal love and unity. So it is about the undoing of the self and all the ways the self needs to assert itself as separate and unique. This is quite a spiritual process truly. We spend most of our life finding out who we are, expressing our individuality and looking for the ways to feel accepted and seen just to realize in the end that we are all one being mirrors of the infinite ways the divine expresses itself and that all that we are searching for is found within and does not require any effort and doing and if anything total undoing and surrender. So, for me Pisces is truly waking up from the illusion of separateness and realizing the sobering truth that what makes us feel alone is our inability to just be free to feel that life is in a sense a paradox. We work hard to be ourselves and then we surrender from our work and just be. The beauty of Pisces is the deep well of love, worth and connection that awaits us when we fall into the arms of open hearted vulnerability. When we are vulnerable to say "I don't know", "This hurts", "I am scared"...we start to accept our humanness. We are all human. The pain we experience as humans connects us all. None of us get to be human without pain. In this unity we can allow ourselves to feel the duality of life. Full is the opposite of empty. We will all experience fullness and emptiness at some point. Neither is good and neither is bad. It is when we assign our beliefs to these two that we experience the pain. We wake up to our illusions with Pisces and as we do we experience the rawness of life. That in order to experience the magnitudes of joy we must all endure deep sorrows. When we surrender into this sobriety we are able to ride the waves of our emotions and dwell in the presence of the present with less clinging and resistance to what is. We know that life will bring us both sides to experience and as uncomfortable as that can be it also give us the complexity and magnificence of living in this world. If you can let go and feel the valleys of pain in this life and stay present with it, you can be present to experience the mountains of joyfulness. One must liken the other. Dark must be present to see the light. In all of this, Pisces holds the invitation to spiritualize all experiences as opportunities to wake up to illusions that pain is here to separate us from each other and Source but rather to awaken to the deep well of love that runs amongst the valleys of sorrow and the mountains of joy. 

This is a deep time of coming together in our pain and in our joy to support one another in love. Is also a time to get real with what we need to live in this earth in a way that feels connected and abundant. We must live in this earth but perhaps not be of this earth. Experience this earth but remember you are more than your experiences. You are infinite, you are original, but you are not alone. 

The moon this week: Mon-Tues (Virgo: earth:discern, digest), Wed-Friday (Libra: air, socialize, beautify), Sat-Sun (Scorpio: water, prune, transform, feel)

Much love to you all....


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