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Dare to Do Differently

Uranus, planet of all things unpredictable and unique steals the thunder this week! Uranus teaches us how to individualize and break out of ways that restrict or inhibit our free expression of our truth. This planet calls us to do things out of the ordinary to break out of routine and to be "one of a kind". This requires change. Change requires courage. Courage comes from the heart being open. When courage comes from our mind it is more like will. Willing ourselves to change feels hard, feels like work, feels disconnected from our heart. When we allow ourselves to feel, we open our heart. We feel our way through change in a way that is alive (although scary) ,connected,  and all cylinders firing. 

Mars is Scorpio is cleaning out our "will", "shoulds" and "deadend motivation" closets. Mars is asking us to get in touch with our deep desires, the ones that wake us up to a more truthful presentation of who we are. We have to face our dark to be able to see our light. We have to be able to see the ugly in order to see the pretty. Why?  Because both are part of us. As much as we might prefer otherwise, we are not all the shiny, perfect, and all put together nicely parts of ourselves that we project. We also have those hidden parts of ourselves that get illuminated when we join in relationships of any kind. Through others doing those "things" that anger us, hurt us and cause us disharmony, we get to experience and feel the parts of ourself that we so desperately try to hide from. It is really never about them and their dark parts, if we are honest; it is about owning all of our aspects including our shadows and finding the courage to be vulnerable enough to see it, feel it and heal it.

This week Black Moon Lilith in Libra is opposite Uranus in Aries. We are encouraged to tell the truth about who we are as reflected back in our relationships. What are we afraid to face about ourselves? What to do blame on others to avoid feeling in ourselves? We are getting the  perspective of a mirror when we look into the eyes of those that we relate with including our environment.  We relate in order to learn and grow. Want to evolve? Get into a relationship! This is polarized with Uranus in Aries crying get in touch with your desires and what you want to assert and do it and do it now! Uranus in Aries is really not so concerned with the other and their feelings. In fact Uranus will do it all alone. Uranus in Aries says "Ready, Fire, Aim....I got this urge and I am going to do it and now"!  I dare you to be the person you have not been yet!

Friday, Mars will form a quincunx with Uranus and this aspect is like uncovering a secret passage or something strange that perhaps we missed. Triggers leading to feeling meets desires wanting to erupt..where is the hidden doorway leading you towards? On this same day Venus and Pluto conjoin in the sign of Capricorn. We get to dig into our relationships and look for ways in which we are being held back or driven by security rather than from the heart. 

Saturday, Venus in Capricorn will square Uranus. Relationships can get a second kick in the pants. How are your desires being reflected back through your relationships and through the reflection in your public life, your work?

Sunday, The Sun in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) squares that Mars in Scorpio. The sun shining the light on new opportunities new ways of expressing your truth play a tug of war with that desire to merge and dance with power with others to clean the closets.

Squares galore. Tension can abound. What to trust? What to do? Stay or go?  I say take the dare and do something different. You don't have to quit your job, end your relationship or move away, but drive a different way to work. Take a new yoga class. Meditate by taking a walk instead of sitting. Read a new book. Every day and when you can, do something that you don't normally do. Why? To give yourself a new perspective. To allow your energy to recirculate in a new way. Perhaps when we do we can relate a little differently. We can have the courage to feel a little more. We can muster the confidence to take that leap of faith if we are called to and put that desire into a concrete form. Dare to do it and do it differently whatever it is. 

The moon this week:

Monday: Scorpio (water, feel deep); Tues-Wed: Sagitarrius (Fire: Expand), Thurs-Sat: Capricorn (earth: accomplish); Sun: Aquarius (Air: reinvent)

Have a wonderful week friends! 

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