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Calling our spirits home

Happy new moon in Sagittarius! We have some big transits happening and this may feel extra intense for all you cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn) but the Mutable signs of (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius) have plenty on their plates as well. It may look  like the fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius) are home free but they won't be left out either. After all Mars is in Aquarius perhaps pushing buttons where you may feel bound. Lilith in Scorpio is still letting us feel and interact with our shadow. Life is always rich with stuff to work with we find! So let's start with the big transits...

We have the Sun in Sagittarius square the nodes of the moon. We also have Neptune conjunct the South Node of the moon. The nodes of the moon are about our path from the known to the unknown and the journey of our soul's expansion in its physical experience here. The South node is what we know and it can be where we hide. Sometimes we repeat what we know and can do because it's familiar and the grooves are deep in our karmic cycles but often what is familiar is not what we need or even truly want to live a full life. I am sure we all know what it is like to experience comfortable discomfort in our habitual behaviors and choices. This is what Neptune may be stirring up for us...where we are hiding out with our eyes closed. The north node in Virgo is calling us to taking practical, conscious, focused steps toward the direction of integration of what we know we need to do and to learn to continue our healing path. The Sun squaring the nodes brings some tension is the path. Often our growth isn't linear, we don't usually go from A to B. Often we go A to C to A to D to B...Sagittarius is about the deeper meaning, the deeper truths and what truly makes us feel alive and expansive. Saturn close by in Sag is allowing plenty of opportunity to take some interesting turns that lead to dead ends just to ensure we are feeling our way there and not allowing something outside ourselves to direct the path. The truth should taste like freedom and freedom may be a new taste in our mouth and perhaps we want to reject it as odd like a baby eating a new food. We may need to allow some time for our taste buds to develop a new sensitivity to something new. Saturn allows us plenty of that time as we learn that healing, evolving, truly expanding on all levels isn't a fast food like of experience but a fine dining take your time and savor the journey type of deal. Jupiter (now in Libra) rules Sagittarius so this theme of balance and harmony and perspective is also at play. I feel the integration of our masculine and feminine is at play as well. We are learning how to do more softly and how to be and receive more powerfully . This may be the integration piece that takes a little longer. It isn't just about asserting our will to change and grow but also listening, receiving and allowing more balance in how we are expanding. Mutable signs..this may be more obvious in your life right now. 

The other big transit is a cardinal cross happening with Uranus in Aries opposed to Jupiter in Libra and square Venus conjoined Pluto in Capricorn. Cardinal cross transits affect Home, Work, Identity and Relationships, so pretty much everything that matters to most of us! Uranus is Aries says, What do you want? What do you desire? Free those energies to flow. Follow your desire and be free to be yourself! Uranus may be causing some lightening bolt changes and chaos to let some of those desires see some light. Jupiter in Libra takes the other end of the spectrum and ask us to find more balance, harmony and a greater perspective through partnerships and through others. We get to partner with other humans to see another side, to give us depth in what we see so it isn't so one sided. We get to see that there are so many choices in what to do and how to do it, We also get to see that what we do does impact others and that matters. We don't live on this planet alone. Venus conjoined Capricorn breaks up that tug of war between those energies and says but what about your duties and obligations and what about the needs of others and what does your boss or your father say about it, or what has your lineage been doing? What is safe and what is practical..I mean there are rules to this and you should just follow them and do your job or your questions asked. No one cares about your feelings. The missing link to this cross is the Cancer archetype calling us to self care and our emotions. How do we really feel? Not what do we want.  Not what can someone else do or what does someone else need. Not what am I obligated or what should I do to keep tradition.  But, how do I feel about it? Do I feel cared for and seen in how I relate emotionally to what I am experiencing? I think this is an important question to bring us into our truth. Not that we are asking others to care for and tend to our emotions and give us validation but are we allowing our emotions to also guide our path so that we self-validate our choices and experiences? If we feel we are moving towards truth on our path, we should feel it and it should make us feel safe and cared for emotionally. We should not have to hide or suppress our feelings and we should not wallow in them too far that we want hide from the path of stepping outside and into the public with how we wear our truth inside and out. We are in a time of calling our spirits home so that we are directing our spirit and our journeys. If we are not directing the ship that means someone or something outside of ourselves are directing us. If we cannot self validate our truth then we will spend time and energy seeking this from the external and this will never allow us to roam free and unbound in this life. We must mature into our own wisdom and trust that there has been a deeper well of wisdom guiding us and that is available to support us as we take ownership of guiding our ship. So it is like our truth needs to check all the boxes: It allows our desires to be met with our attention and yet consciously expressed in way that we see partners with our world and those we share it with..we are building bridges with our world not walls. Letting others reflect what we may be missing to deepen our experience. It should feel supportive to our tender side and we should be aware of the impact our experiences have had in how we plot our courses. We can listen to others and reflect on our experiences but we must feel the truth inside instead of look outside to ensure we are on the right path. 

This morning we have the start of a new lunar cycle with the new moon in Sagittarius. This moon is conjunct the Sun so it too is a part of the square between the nodes. This is a time for an emotional rebirth. Fall in love with yourself again, and make time to get to know your spirit again like you would on a enchanting first date.  What does your spirit want? What do you need? What feels like it will set you free? There must be room for your spirit in the home of your body before we can allow it to guide us and expand us. That means we must take time to honor how we feel about the life we are living and the choices we are making. We must get to know what it feels like to feed our spirit and what it feels like when we deprive our spirit. This new moon allows us to call our spirits home to make a warm, inviting place in which to guide us onward and outward into the world of our choosing. 



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