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Timely Expansion

Welcome to the cycle of Sagittarius!  Today the sun moves out of watery, deep Scorpio and into the expansive, mutable fire sign of the "Sage or the Guru". This may assist us in lightening the deep emotional energy that we have been wading though the last month but we are not done in the feeling department with some key transits this week. So much is changing with all this mutable energy that wants to adapt and mutate into a more resonant form of expression. So, what is the sign of Sagittarius calling us to explore?  Sagittarius is the vision quest and the call to find the deeper meaning in our life and to expand the perception of who we are based on our truth.  Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter is in the sign of Libra right now so this truth that we are exploring is being influenced by our relationships, the draw for balance and equanimity and for creating more beauty and harmony in the world. We may be asked to ask if living our truth impacts the world in a way that creates balance and fairness for all or does our truth separate, divide and have people in the "right" and people in the "wrong". We just finished a Scorpio cycle revealing to us our shadow, illuminating what we fear or hide from. As uncomfortable as this is, feeling all that gets shaken up when we work with these topics and probing deeper, allows the groundwork for expansion. We can expand by getting "bigger" and adding more to our lives: more information, more tasks or roles that we play, obtaining more degrees or more status but at some point it gets watered down and just feels like excess and the meaning is minimized. There is another way we expand: by simplifying and going deeper towards what is truly meaningful, allowing less to be more. It is key to note that we don't necessarily expand by traversing down the well trodden path of least resistance and comfort, but more often than not when we experience discomfort, change, and allow for the unexpected to create a shift in our paradigm. A shift that may allow for our perceptions of truth to seem fuller and more comprehensive than we ever could have imagined. The other provides a way to fill in the gaps in how we see our truth expressed which is why relationships of all types assist in our expansion. Saturn in Sagittarius is helping us experience the limitations that sometimes allow us to try this other way of expanding: through trials and the school of hard knocks (where our experience teaches us the way) and through limiting our choices or pathways for which we may try to just add "more" in an attempt to expand. Saturn also teaches us that living and integrating into our truth takes time and is not an overnight job. 

Right now Jupiter in Libra is square Pluto in Capricorn. This quest for harmony for equality in relating with the other and our environment is really challenged by tradition, the way things have been, the patriarch where power in in the hands of a few.  Ideas like freedom, passion and being connected to the heart is ignored and dismissed. We can look at this concept collectively and within our own relationship with life. Where have you limited your expansion and your perception of your truth with what "the one in power or the know" told you it was to be? Where is the traditional path or the way "everyone else does it" disconnecting you from feeling free to explore alternative choices? Where are you adhering so firmly to a truth or a perception of reality that has you on the winning team and others on the opposite side? How do you become less stubborn and judgemental in order to see how another can offer us a chance to integrate the ideas of what truth looks like by providing a different perspective. Mars recently entered the sign of Aquarius so we are seeking to act in ways that free us from the norm and tap into the higher mind that has options outside of what the group knows and has done before. This truly calls us into a deeper conversation of what is unique and odd about how I assert myself that allows me to feel free to be me so that in my authentic being I serve not only myself but my community. 

Another big transit this week is Neptune in Pisces in an exact conjunction with the South Node of the moon. The south node of the moon is the path of least resistance, what we know best and the paths we can take in our sleep that are so habitual. Neptune is where we dissolve barriers of separation and find oneness. Neptune is the ocean where we tap into universal love. Neptune in Pisces in also where we are sleeping in illusion in order to wear our rose colored glasses and to escape truth and often times the pain that this truth carries wen we deny it. Neptune/Pisces is the collective unconscious and where we are all in denial of our interconnectedness and unity. This transit can be termed the end of illusion. The end of illusion for the ways in which we all act like we are separate and that what one does has no affect on the other. The end of illusion in the ways in which we run from a sober, compassionate look at our lives and who we are as part of the whole ( a drop in the ocean) and just as valuable and essential as any other. I am sure we can all name ways we as a culture, a county or the collective are in delusion of truths that do not draw more love, oneness, and connection to the world. On the same token, we can also probably acknowledge the ways in which we delude ourselves to the truth because often the truth means that we feel pain, experience change,  and are are asked to let go. In order to expand, heal, and integrate on our path (North Node in Virgo) we have to feel those emotions we want to deny.  We have to look compassionately at the areas of our life that seem broken and through our love of what is we can fully accept ourselves.  We can turn inward and open outwardly. We can begin to see that you are another me. We all feel pain. We all suffer. We all want to avoid both of these things. And when we take the veil away, we are left with the open space of the heart. This is the space in which this universal love can flow and create bridges so that what has been separated can now be united. This is too is how we expand. 

So in our quest to expand and to deepen our understanding of who we are, we are being asked to recognize all the falsity along the way. Sometimes destruction is the only way to rebuild a more healthy and vibrant reality. Sometimes the way to get bigger is to get smaller first and deal with the unfinished business that we abandoned along the way that was essential for our integration. Maybe we need to let go of some ideas in order to focus the energy on less and allow it to be fuller. Maybe we need to stop seeking truths outside ourselves and look at what the other and our environment is showing us about the truth that is within us. Maybe our truth is relative to how much we are willing to look outside our habits and our comfort zone and into the world with a sense of spaciousness that our truths should be able to coexist with harmony.



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