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Temple Light

What a time for a full moon! As if there were not enough emotions and chaos already! Monday at 5:52am our moon will be full in the sign of Taurus. This moon will be the brightest that we have seen in 70 years as it is closest to the earth than usual. The sabian symbol for this full moon is "white dove flying over troubled waters: the spiritual inspiration that comes to the individual in the overcoming of crisis." This symbology reminds us of the Noah and the ark story, a story of bold courage and faith. In this story we are taught that through the endurance of the crisis with the right spirit there is a reward for the faithful, there is a promise of rebirth in a new and profound way. We need to capture this hope faith and the spirit of transformation despite the floods or crisis that we are experiencing currently. 

The sun has been transiting through Scorpio and is now conjoining with Black Moon Lilith...this is deep emotion, this is death, this is facing of fears, this is the shadow. We have an even larger flashlight highlighting where we have been asleep both individually and collectively, where we have been drinking the Kool-aid and pretending that all is well and pulling the cover over our eyes. Scorpio doesn't let you sleep. Pluto rules this sign and Pluto is Shiva forces of transformation. The ugly comes to the surface, the repressed, the dark forces are out of the closets. This is not a time to run and exacerbate our fears. Pluto is asking us to see where dysfunction abounds, see where the darkness has hid our light, our power, our truth and to break it down and rebuild something that endures. In facing the fears and the reality of where our unconscious choices have landed us we reclaim the power to make changes that serve the greater and that are more balanced and equitable (Jupiter in Libra opposite Pluto and square Uranus in Aries). When we gain the greater perspective, by seeing the dark and the hidden we can free ourselves from the chains of ignorance and closed mindedness. We free our minds to tap into potential and growth..expansion. Uranus is Aries has us all feeling our desires, touching our anger and our frustrations. We need to channel these deep, instinctual energies and focus them for fuel to make changes that unify. 

Taurus is an earth sign that is ruled by Venus. When the moon is in Taurus we connect to our bodies, what we love, how we enjoy the earth and the sensual pleasures of life.  We all are worthy and have the right to do this but we live in world where this can be trumped by unjust laws, prejudice, and control by those in power. This is where we need to use the emotional energy, of Scorpio,  the wild and chaotic energy of Aries, and make a home for these energies in our bodies.  It is vital that we allow it to have a pathway of release that is in the "right" spirit.  Taurus invites us to slow down and we take our time to be still and to ground. We can then harness our energies for the long haul. We can also transform this energy to catalyze our passions. This inspires us to be the lights we came to be individually so that collectively we are a great force of brilliance and truth. So, in this full moon, get into your body. Care for your body in honoring the house of your spirit and your emotions and stabilize this shelter so that you can become a fortress of light. If we hold on to the energy it can cause us to retreat and to become rigid. If we let the energy take over us we feed the fears, the pain and the wounds of the world by increasing their power. If we stabilize this energy and re-direct it towards that which inspires us to stand firm and tall with what is of the light and the truth then we all get stronger and we all can endure the floods and the storms together. 

Take care of your own inner temple, tend to your own shadow so that in your integration and transformation, you stoke your own inner light. Then stand firm in your light. We don't know what is before us, but we can know and trust that which is within us to illuminate the path.

Blessings and love...


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