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Greeting our Ghosts with Gratitude

This week we celebrate Halloween, Samhain and the start to November and I don't know about you but the spook is not in the costumes but in the vibes and intensity that is all around us. We are still deep into the Scorpio waters digging into our fears and our shadow and that reveals a lot of stuff that we may feel like we want to stuff back into the closet and quickly bolt down the door. Scorpio offers intensity, strong emotions and a chance to understand what is directing our lives under the surface or outside of our awareness. We may have to face that we have some beliefs/memories that are keeping us stagnant, disempowered or held hostage. Maybe we got them from our parents, religion, or maybe they came through our lineage from many lifetimes. It does not really matter the hows or the whys it matters that we know what we are giving our power to. The gift of what Scorpio offers is a chance to lay to rest that which no longer belongs to hold our power. We get to let the (*&^ die. What do we gain? Death may not seem like a gift as we go through it (I certainly can attest to that). The gift is depth. We are able to live consciously from a deeper place. A place where we can accept the shadow parts of ourself. We can accept and make space for deep feelings that have the capacity to release BIG energy. Think about a limiting or misguided belief you hold that keeps you in fear. Although you may not know it, it directs what you do, what you choose, how you frame your life. That belief holds a tremendous power over your life. You may think it is "protecting you" or you are protecting yourself but really the fear is the obstacle to reclaiming your power. The ability for you to face head on what you fear and to challenge that belief/memory and create a different outcome. Once you do and you feel the texture and taste of fear and you challenge the belief and maybe even let it die, what power you will unleash to create a new pattern, new choices and new frameworks in which to relate to your life. Fearlessness is not overcoming fear and abolishing our tendency to feel fear. Fear has a valid place in our life to keep us alert and conscious of our surroundings and our place within them. Fearlessness is the ability to not be restrained by fear. We cultivate the courage to feel it and touch it deeply on many layers and we move within it as best as we can. We gain a sense of internal power that can be touched deeply by life and yet it does not lie down and give up and hide. 

But how do we meet our shadow and all these scary parts of ourselves that are showing up?  I certainly know that when I see my shadow often my inner critic comes in to tell me how I need to clean this up pronto and by the way how did I get so twisted? I also see the part of me that wants to gloss over it and pretend it isn't that bad and looks to blame someone or something else.  I also meet the analytical part of me that that needs to make up a story or over analyze the whys about it dropping out of the feelings and right into the cozy place of my mind where it can spiral over and over again until I give up in exhaustion blaming confusion as my obstacle. I have found that how we meet the shadow is just as important as what it is. Remember Scorpio invites us to deep feeling and that does not require the mind or any logic along. I am learning that we must stay within the feeling and greet it with compassion, kindness, and space to be. Friday, Venus in Sagittarius will square Chiron in Pisces. Venus is still within a close orb of Saturn and these planets are still square the nodes of the moon. So, what we are feeling are our wounds (Chiron in Pisces). We are feeling them deeply. These are parts of ourself that have separated from our identity and our wholeness. Venus and Saturn in Sag may have us feeling a little judgemental about them or maybe we pick up on a statement that was told to us about this shadow aspect (what we think is "bad" about ourself), maybe we see where a religion told us this was a sin or bad or undesirable. Maybe our partner even told us we were not good enough when this shadow emerged and we were told we needed to fix it. The north node (our call to evolution) is offering the path to integration and we cannot integrate what has been separated. When I judge myself and try to fix myself incessantly I want to give up because all I find are more flaws. I need to find unconditional love for myself and acceptance. This is not the same thing as giving up or glossing over. This is feeling to heal. This is acceptance of what is so that there is an opportunity to rewrite the script in a a more truthful way. A way that allows for shadow to exist but not rule us from underground. The funny thing is that when I accept what it then I can heal it and change it to support my wholeness. Sunday, Mercury in Scorpio in inconjunct Uranus in Aries. We can free ourselves when we see what beliefs and mantras are holding us and this includes the mantra that I must obliterate my shadow. Uranus says be your freaky self and when you own yourself fully you are free to exist in the ways that give you power to express your individuality. When we see our shadow and greet it with this compassion we are actually inspired to make the healthy changes that support our growth and evolution. 

I want to share a practice I use daily and frequently when I uncover shadow or uncomfortable emotions or situations. It is called the "Ho'oponopono. Here is a link to more information about it. The mantra is "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. " I say it with as much sincerity as I can over and over again. It is the chance to meet your wounded parts with compassion and love. I have found this much more comforting and inspiring than the shame method. :)

So, blessings to you all as we all greet the freaky with perhaps a little more kindness. 

The moon this week: Tuesday-Thursday: Sagittarius (Fire), Friday-Saturday: Capricorn (Earth), Sunday: Aquarius (Air)

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