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The fluid nature of balance

What a week of planetary much going on..where to start? Let's start broad..the over arching them of this time is from the archetype of Libra. We are exploring themes of balance, partnership and beauty and how these themes work to give us perspective and clarity with our lives. This clarity and perspective may be welcomed and it may also be challenging as sometimes what we see reflected through partnerships is what we hide and avoid seeing in ourselves. Sometimes in working with the concept of balance we have to explore what is not balanced. And often in the pursuit of seeking beauty we are expanded to to further define beauty by the messy and often rough edges of life that have their own flare and luster. Mercury will conjoin Jupiter Tuesday in Libra so we may have many messages and opportunities coming our way to work with these themes.  So many perhaps that it can be difficult to make up your mind or to find the simple truth of it all. You may feel like when deciding that there is truth to each option. That is a gift and curse of Libra. The gift is that we can move out of polarized thinking. Right and wrong. The curse is that you become indecisive or wishy washy. Libra is balanced by Aries. Aries is nothing about sharing ideas or seeking input from the outside. Aries is all about me, my and mine. My desires. My life. My needs. Aries although very unconscious is very in touch with the internal, guttural desires and visions within. Aries is a fire sign so we are called back into vision and spirit, our identity. When you are feeling stuck or indecisive, go back in and check in to what you feel. What allows an expression of your deep desires, what is unique to you? Libra gives you feedback and the ability to refrain from tunnel vision and selfish thinking but you have to start a little selfish and internal or else you are at the risk of following the desires of what the other wants and directs. 

Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) provides that reference for us right now. Pluto and Mars are both in cardinal earth Capricorn. Duty, obligation, old paradigm and the beliefs we were told to embody are all circling around us right now and bothering our easy progress forward. While Capricorn teaches us hard work, endurance, maturity and reflection, what is can also do is let us learn about repression. Don't go doing X...that won't make you any money. Y won't get you a get you a good job with potential. Healthy relationships look like Z. Capricorn is really good at pushing down those desires to be untethered and selfish and says..look at the whole. We need you to do this or that. We need everyone to follow the rules and play the game. But, the gift of Capricorn is to learn which game you want to play and to use your talent and resources for the right team. Return again to that fire (Saturn is now in Sagittarius), your truth. This is what we are learning, what is my truth and how can I allow it to ebb and flow and be revised over time and be messy? How do I partner and maintain my truth yet allow it do deepen through my experiences with others? We can allow ourselves to edit our truth as we mature. (Sagittarius is a mutable sign, energy is adapted to be more useful). If we know our truth in this moment, then we know where to start. 

Truth is a funny thing. It is not always bright and shiny. There is an element to our truth that is dark and hidden. This truth gets revealed when we merge deeply with another. There is a darker, shadowy side to our relationships right now as Venus in Scorpio has been in rendezvous with Black Moon Lilith. Nothing says shadow like Scorpio and Lilith. Shadow is truly nothing to fear or hide from, as it is truly the missing piece of beauty to our perfectly imperfect human selves. We all have shadow. No one gets to bask in the light forever. So this is a time of meeting what triggers us and no easier and faster way than through another, especially a partner. What is surfacing in your partnerships that causes you to lose your cool, to become that person you don't recognize for that brief moment. Now is the time to bring these topics, these wounds, these fears to the light to see with new perspective. We get the larger view of life and ourselves when we know what is driving our responses and motivations below the surface. Scorpio deals with a lot with power.  There is a lot of power we reclaim to step forward into our life when we know our habitual game plan that may be overplayed and not so successful and the game plan that we are learning to play a new kind of game. A  decent coach knows his players well; their strengths and their weaknesses, Knowing a players weakness can allow the coach options: work with the player to improve their weakness and to overcome fear of it, or to minimize the impact of the weakness by playing a more intelligent game. This is where Saturn in Sagittarius square the moon nodes (our past and our future calling) is coming in. When we can tell the truth to ourself about ourself, we can move our of denial or delusion (the past) and we can integrate our past and our current experiences to allow us to heal and to expand (future). We expand into the truth of who we are on a larger scale not the truths that we adopted from others based on how we felt we needed to behave. Part of our shadow is where we didn't feel accepted and whole to be this part of ourself so we hide it.  When we bring those missing links to the surface our truth is deepened. We reclaim essential self knowledge that we need to partner with more balance. 

Saturday, we have a full moon in 23 degrees Aries. What a full moon it will be! The moon is conjunct Uranus, so look for breakthroughs, the unexpected, a unique revelation in the realm of your desires and need to free yourself from how you know and assert yourself. "Freedom from the Known" is a trademark of Uranus. The moon is opposite the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury all in Libra. So how will this Aries energy be reflected in your partnerships in your environment and how does it speak to the balance of things in your life? Mars and Pluto in Capricorn are square to this full moon, brining in that extra rub of the past, the shoulds, the expectations and what you have been told about who you are and how life is played with others. What a confusing mix of energies to work with? Confusing if we only think about it. We have earth, air and fire all at play and what is missing? Water. Feelings. Flow. I feel the invitation on this full moon, is to realize that balance is a very fluid concept. We are told what works for others what it should look like for success. We are in predator and prey relationships to feel both and to learn the middle ground by gaining the experience of the feelings of both. With earth there is concrete evidence in our manifestations for what we are working with. Look at your reality. What message is it speaking to you?  We have desires that we must express and allow to flow and we need to recognize that what we do does affect the environment. This is all a dance and there is no getting it dialed in because just when we do, we learn something else that offsets the scales. I think we are learning to see with softer, more open eyes (seeing the mirror that is all around us). We are learning to feel with a more compassionate touch (we are all a mix of shadow and light). We are learning to think with a more vast and open space (can we think bigger than black and white). Our senses are giving us present time feedback to listen and discern. We must learn to use all of them in a more balanced approach. Relying only on one and we get a skewed distorted image. Even out the lens to accommodate all the gifts of our intelligences (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) and we have a more balanced image in which to see our life. This will be very unique to each of us yet comprehensive as we partner with other and learn and expand from our interactions. Welcome to your own fluid nature in  finding balance. You will never arrive, you will just become the master at artfully crafting your present time interpretation of it in this moment!

Blessings to you all my friends!

The moon: Monday-Tuesday: Aquarius (fixed air), Wed-Thursday: Pisces (mutable water), Friday-Saturday: Aries (cardinal fire), Sunday: Taurus (fixed earth)

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