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Diving Deep

The waters of Scorpio are upon us inviting us to the underworld of shadow, and all things dark, mysterious and hidden. The Sun, now Mercury and Black Moon Lilith are all in the fixed water sign of Scorpio. Fixed energy concentrates and stabilizes the current energy and water brings us in touch with our emotions so put that together and we get to climb deep into the well of our emotional bodies to uncover what might be lurking beneath our physical masks. Scorpio is about merging with the other in all the ways we do (relational,financial, sexual, ie shared stuff) and the effect this has on our power and our ability to transform and bring to the light what we want to hide from because it causes us to feel exposed and vulnerable. Scorpio puts the spot light on all the skeletons we have in our closet, what we fear, what we deny, what we avoid, and what we project onto another. When we fear something we all too often do all we can to try to avoid it all costs, manipulating and pulling out all the stops to not go "there". The problem is that in our false sense of control, we end up being controlled by our fears and we give our power away. Often times we mistake control for power but the truth is that when we stop trying to control we find our power. The shadow is an essential part of who we are. We all have a dark side. It is that trait that we hide, it is how we act when the %^&$ hits the fan, it is where our deepest secrets and fantasies lie, and where we feel a wound we need to cover up. We feel vulnerable and afraid to look at this "ugly" and "undesirable" parts of ourself because it evokes emotions that are less than enjoyable to experience. Often it takes a relationship to stir up and draw out these aspects of ourself so we can feel what we repress and see what we hide from. This is the value in the other. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, and Pluto doesn't mess around. Pluto is the soul and he packs a powerful punch in the way in which this planet is vested in our transformation and evolution. Scorpionic relationships feel that sting. They are intense, they take us out of our "control" and they allow us to feel the deep emotional layers that are ready to be felt and processed for our transformation. So this time is intense friends. This time is a chance to turn around and face what is chasing us and causing us to run fast and furiously away from ourselves. When we turn around, we will meet our shadow and in facing our shadow and the truth of who we are dark as well as light, we feel this truth on a deep level and the power that unleashes. 

Tuesday: Venus in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces: Venus is Sag is taking our relationships to a more truthful and aligned destination. This rub with Neptune will invoke perhaps the chance to meet the delusion we create in our relationships that keep us from being aligned in our truth. Maybe we take on another's truth, or the truth that globally the the others subscribe to in order to be loved or accepted by another. Maybe we don't want to face how we truly feel. This is a chance to take our relating to our heart and our center..what does truth taste like..freedom or something far from it?

Thursday: Sun in Scorpio merges with Mercury in Scorpio: We get to shine the light on our fear based thoughts and what stories we create perhaps to keep them hidden or recycling. What we can see and perceive, we can shift and heal. What we do not see or perceive control us.

Friday: Mars in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries: Motivated by fear, duty, obligation and the "shoulds" or motivated by freedom. Uranus argues for a shake up and the chance to break free from the ways in which we suppress our desires. Honor your unique and awkward aspects, if you have to tuck them away chances are you are falling into the Capricorn energy of suppression and masking. Tradition and time tested methods are only as good as they work for you. What allows your spirit to fly?

Saturday: Venus in Sagittarius conjoins with Saturn in Sagittarius and squares the Nodes of the Moon: Anytime Saturn joins the mix we are facing a maturity test if our time tested, experience based wisdom compared with what those in know told us. This is a time of reflection on relationship truths and what we were told is right and wrong and bad and good and what we know to be true because we have been there and done that. When we follow our truth we grow and we feel more aligned in something that we can stand on with more certainty and with an expansiveness. When we follow the truths of others we feel like we have are carrying a heavy backpack full of another's truths. What is in your relationship backpack?

Sunday: New Moon in 7 degrees Scorpio at 10:38AM: A new moon is a seed time to plant an intention and feel and observe its growth through this next lunar cycle. Look for the house in your chart ruled by Scorpio to find the "where" in your life that this intention may best fit what you are experiencing. Also, key into any Scorpio planets you have or what lies in your 8th house! What is this new moon about? The sabian symbol for this new moon is "Deep sea divers: The will to explore the hidden depths of all experiences and to search for primordial causes." This new moon invites us to the quest of understanding what lies under the surface of daily living. We go into our deep waters to see what is there with courage, intense awareness and compassion. What are you afraid of? What fears make you run? These are the fears that impact your daily life, the decisions you make, the actions you are willing or unwilling to take, the mantras that play in your mind and the space you are willing to take. When we are willing to walk into the dark waters of what lies in our subconscious we take some of the mystery out of whys of what is occurring in our life. We are able to find strength and power in what we uncover. "Don't turn away, keep your gaze on the bandaged place. That is where the light enters you."- Rumi Breathe deep dear ones, spend some time in deep presence. Feel into where you experience the depth of your emotions and ask the questions you may be afraid to ask of yourself. "The boundary to what we can accept is the boundary to our freedom."

The Moon this week: Tuesday-Wednesday: Leo (fire), Thursday-Friday:Libra (air), Saturday-Sunday: Scorpio (water)

May we all find courage in the net of our community to explore the depths of our own waters knowing that we all swim in the same ocean!

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