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Reflection Resurrections

We embark into 2016 with a twist..we don't go in with a blank slate we often assign to January but with a recall ticket of some items that we need to resurrect for another deeper look. 

Two planets go into retrograde this week: Mercury, the planet of all things mental including communication, transportation and technology; and Jupiter, our planet that guides our expansion and evolution of truth..the vision quest and fast track to our evolution.  Retrograde is the "perceived" backward motion of a planet's direction calling us to reflect, redo, in the blank. This is a time to slow down, to rest, to get clear, and to learn from what our experiences are illuminating for us. It is not necessarily a time to blame "failures", "mistakes", or "snafus" on the universe but to rather take the opportunity to learn from repetition and to open our eyes to what has changed and what is ripe for integration this time around. Repetition can be the most powerful guru if we can allow for the patience to see it as so and not as penance for being imperfect. 

Mercury will go into retrograde on Tuesday in 1 degree Aquarius and will move back into Capricorn on Friday and will travel back through Capricorn until it hits 15 degrees on January 25th from which it will station direct. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which is helping us emancipate our thoughts, receive new solutions, and to change us out of thought patterns that allow truth to be negotiated. We strengthen our ways of being unique in how we express ourselves, how we learn, and how we are traveling though life as we step on to the freedom train of thinking. Right before Mercury moves back into Capricorn it wills square Mars in Scorpio which rubs us against those dark, hidden fears that drive us back to our past and towards power struggles to uncover more truth required for our transformation. Most of this retrograde time for Mercury will be spent in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. Saturn involves karma, time and space and is our task master. Asking us to do the work, to learn the lessons and to mature into what is our truth. This time in Capricorn will allow us to reflect on our beliefs, our foundations, our authorities on our roles and responsibilities in our life. What limits us? Where do we hit the wall with our jobs and the hats we wear during our days? Where are we getting our wisdom from..the external or the internal? Where are we disconnected from our hearts? Where is the need for security out shadowing the freedom of living more open hearted and joyfully? These are some questions for this time. Embrace it!

Jupiter will go into retrograde on Thursday in 23 degrees Virgo and will move back until it hits 13 degrees Virgo on May 9th. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and this time affords us an opportunity to reflect on how we are doing the work of healing, digesting our experiences and initiation into the service of our life. This is the time to look into your health, where can you allow for more well being? What routines need to be eliminated or substituted? What is essential in your life and what is just excess and distraction? This is a good time for not over working or piling on more to your task lists but to thoroughly feel out what you have been doing and analyze what is really providing you with nourishment to sustain you for the long haul. The goal is not perfection but more ease in the day to day living allowing for there to be changes along the way as we course correct from what we thought was the best way. Virgo calls us back to our center. Let your body guide you through this time. Try not to get too cozy over thinking..Virgo is an earth sign. 

The moon will start the week in Scorpio and end the week in Aquarius. We welcome a new moon on Saturday in Capricorn. When the moon is in Capricorn we feel industrious and can take on the challenges before us. What is looming ahead of you that you know will take work and dedication even if it feels a bit daunting? How can you add a little heart and allow for your feelings to exist yet trust your foundations and take the first step! There is so much changing around us all the time and we are at the end of many paths we have taken and the next road seems unfamiliar and maybe even like it is covered in fog so that we cannot see what it ahead. This is a time for deep trust and faith and not a time to retreat down the same path we have taken. Even when fear seems to overwhelm you, just take one step and tap into that same confidence you have relied on to be where you stand now. Taking the first step will strengthen you vision and allow you to pump up the strength of your intuition. Let that be your guide in this winter fog!

There are several other impactful transits this week:

Tuesday: Mercury (Aquarius) squares Mars (Scorpio) see above; Venus (Sagittarius) squares Neptune (Pisces), illusions ,dreams and the clouds they surround us in clash with the light of truth in what we are open to receive through relationships with ourselves and mirrors of ourselves as seen with others and our environment. What is being reflected to you or what are you receiving..clouds or the light?  Sun (Capricorn) conjoins with Pluto (Capricorn), the light is being shone on what is evolving and dissolving with the structures in our life. We see what we are relying on for our safety and support and we can discern if these empower us towards our goals or if we are serving the goals of others. How do we stay in our hearts and not shackle ourselves in the shoulds. 

Thursday: Sun(Capricorn) squares Uranus (Aries); Freedom to be you and the changes in your life that are moving you deeper towards your own revolution collide with your duties, responsibilities and roles you play..where is your heart? How do you do both and more?.. Jupiter goes Retrograde, Pluto is the furthest distance from the sun

Friday: Venus(Sagittarius) conjoins Saturn (Sagittarius), we see a reflection of the truth that is  expanding and emerging and the ways in which we are maturing are evident in our environment (be it nature and the people we relate with). The outer mirrors the inner. 

Happy New Year and blessings to you all!

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