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Just keep swimming!

Mercury goes direct...ring the bell! Monday, Mercury stations direct although not out of the shadow zone yet. We can expect some shift in this "mercurial" energy but my experience has shown me that as he moves through the shadow zone back to where he stationed retrograde there is still the invitation to pay attention and not to assume that it is business as usual. I find this time to be rich with insights on what has shown up during this reflective time and being able to at times distill the wisdom of what this time has allowed me to pick up through the additional run throughs or pauses. Friday, Mercury will for the third time conjoin with Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. Once again, we are get yet another chance to see what is coming to the surface via our beliefs, our conditioning, and what the authorities of our life have told us about the "way it is". The difference is that now we are realizing that "their way" does not feel best and it does not actually work for us. On Friday, Uranus in Aries squares Mercury providing yet gain for those "breakthroughs" and fuel for us to transcend what was so that we can expand into what feels like freedom and the ability to honor our own wisdom and truth. We can step into the higher mind with intuition and deeper wisdom. 

The full moon last Saturday in Leo is still evident and she is still beautifully lighting up the night sky. Leo (fire sign) is all about passion, creativity, the heart and all that calls us to play and to feel alive! I think this energy is essential right now more than ever. We are in a deep time of reflection, of letting go, of change, and discerning what is essential and what is not. Our minds can go crazy with all this processing. We love to understand and to "figure it out" after all we are all conditioned to be rewarded for when we do as children. The problem is that our mind only knows what our mind knows. It is shaded with the lenses of our childhood, our religion, our community's standards and what we have experienced and "know" to be true. What lies before us is uncharted and unrecognizable for our mind,s so we can tend to label this as "unsafe", risky, "not reasonable", anything to ease our discomfort with the mere fact that we simply don't know. This is where our fire element is needed. Our fire gives us vision, passion, creativity, the drive to "just keep swimming" even when we are not exactly sure where we are swimming towards, what it is like, and how long it will take to swim there. Just like in the cartoon movie "Finding Nemo", the dad had the vision. He was passionately going to save his son from the captures. He had never been there before and he was not 100% sure where he was going but he let his vision lead him even when the going was rough, unpredictable and felt like a losing battle. This is what fire can do for us. When our mind feels confused, scared, and we realize the mind is not our best resource, then allow your other intelligences to step up. Allow yourself to check in with what makes you feel alive, feel joyful and what inspires you. "Fiery" vision is normally not a detailed execution plan but more of a visceral feeling and knowing that a certain direction and calling is the way forward into a more authentic feeling life. We might even get mental images like an scene from our imagination as to what we desire and so we take that and we take a step in that direction. Yes, there is risk and yes it feels not always reasonable and even 100% secure but there is also risk in staying stagnant. We we stay stagnant we start to feel dead in our bodies, our mind and spirit. We disconnect from our heart and all that the longings of our spirit. This life may look safe but it feels like a burden. 

So, as Dori suggests, when life get's you down, check in with your own heart and passion and desires and .."Just keep swimming" towards that vision of a bigger way of living!

The moon this week...

Monday: Leo (fire:create); Tuesday and Wednesday Virgo( earth: discern, heal, integrate); Thursday and Friday: Libra (air/relate, share, socialize); Saturday pm and Sunday: Scorpio (water; feel, prune). 

Blessings and love to you all!

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