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This week we get to brush up yet again to our past, our fears, the beliefs we hold as Mercury in retrograde conjoins once again with Pluto. Maybe this time, we get new insight and more fuel to transform the ways the past pull us away from what beckons us forward and into deeper truths that are more specific to who we as individuals. The last time these two conjoined was in December. Perhaps you can recall what was coming forward then or what was dying and how this has developed since that time.   Mercury and Pluto will be square to Uranus in Aries so a breakthrough and a path to new freedom in how we express ourselves and how we think is what is on the table. These new ideas should free us from the group thought or the beliefs of the "outer authorities" and feed our more deep, instinctual desires. 

The gift of retrograde is another chance, a second look, a deeper dive if we may. We get a do over. Sometimes this is all it takes for us to become aware of what is hidden or what was beyond our reach previously. We are always changing and evolving so even seeing and witnessing and doing something again is never is exactly the same....because we are not the same. Sometimes we just need more time for the truth to sink in or to be ready to receive it more fully. There is another side to this that I feel Uranus is uncovering for us this week. This is the chance to not be caught in the incessant reflecting and circular thinking patterns of our mind to always try to figure it out and understand completely. This is the chance to breakfree and take the leap. We may want or desire about a million more chances to do things over or to re-examine what lies within us but this can lead to procrastination fueled by our fears of the unknown or stepping into a new place we have never been. This Uranus is still oppoiste of black moon Lilith and as I wrote about last week..this is the truth or dare dilemna. Hide from truth and have to see it reflected back through others in the form of triggers and karmic relating or step into the truth and let it take you into a deeper exploration of your desires to step more fully into yourself and be in your truth in a more firm and powerful way. Aries is all about those deep, instinctual, animalistic desires that fuel our identity and the way we exert our identity into the world through action. We create! We express ourselves in our uniqueness as a way of seeing ourselves and allowing the world to see us. Even if this is different than the norm or than what we feel the "authorities" permit or deem ok. We allow ourselves the freedom to be our own guides for what truth is and looks like.

Another noteworthy player in the background but not quietly is Mars in Scorpio. Mars will be spending a great amount of time in Scorpio due to its upcoming retrograde cycle. Mars rules Aries and Mars co rules Scorpio. This time is all about uncovering our desires..even the deep ones we suppress. This is about getting in touch with our irritations, frustrations, and our anger and asking what desires are fueling these emotions that we feel we need to suppress. Not that we need to express all our desires but there is the path of middle ground where we allow ourselves to see and feel all of our desires and then act consciously in forms that serve us. We allow ourselves to feel them and hold space for them to exist in a non-judgemental way. If we fail to do this then we are subject to addictions because we are not able to hold the space and feel what is truly inside us..even the uncomfortable feelings. Scorpio asks us to go inside and feel and allow ourselves to purge and prune what is hidden so that the light can expose what is hidden and what results? Mastery. Mastery in the form of knowing ourselves so well that we can be in our truth and know the power that this holds to create, merge and to feel all of life without fear. In order to continue to be reborn into the present of who we are we must be able to feel uncomfortable at times to dance with the dark emotions that we may feel are not positive or welcomed. It is through our feelings that we evolve not through our thinking. Our thinking evolves quickly, but we must feel to heal and to integrate fully and this takes time. This is why feeling it all, comfortable or not is how we master our power and depth. 

The Sun moves into Aquarius on Wednesday and so we step into the world of Uranus, the higher mind and the realm of space and genius. The rebel energy meets us..encouraging us to break free from all that chains us and suppresses us and keep us needing to fit in and gain approval before we act. We do because it is the truth and we are not attached to any others truth but our own. 

So the invitation is to act, not from your mind but from the depths of what you feel. And do it now! Feel your truth and then speak it, write it, communicate it, live it. Breakthrough!

The moon this week:

Monday (Taurus-body/manifest/earth), Tuesday-Wednesday (Gemini-communicate/air), Thursday-Friday (Cancer-nurture/feel) Saturday-Sunday (Leo-express/create)

Have a unique and innovative week dear friends! Love and light to you all!

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