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Truth or Dare

Remember the game of truth or dare when we were kids? You had to answer a question and usually a really personal, uncomfortable question truthfully or you had to take on a dare to do something challenging or unpredictable.  This week's aspects with Black Moon Lilith in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries and square to Pluto in Capricorn conjoining with the Sun in Capricorn is a bit like this game. Lilith in Libra is about relating and about the shadow parts of ourself that are revealed when we are in relationship. Lilith calls us to that hidden truth, the truth that we don't want to see so we project it, hide it, deny it..anything but let it out. We wisely choose partners that allow us to feel what is buried inside us and denied access to flow out and be healed. Why? Because it can be uncomfortable and painful to see parts of ourselves that are not as pretty as we would like or that make us feel less than or broken. Lilith in Libra can bring out the co-dependency issues we have in relationships. I need you so that I have someone to blame for the truth I don't want to claim/see/ it can be your fault then! Uranus in Aries is that dare to step out and break out of patterns that keep you feeling hidden and that keep the shadow in the dark. Aries doesn't mind being alone because Aries does it his way. He has a desire and he wants to penetrate whatever to assert that desire. Pluto in Capricorn is all about our traditions, our beliefs and what authority has told us is safe, acceptable and "right". Pluto is dissembling what is false for us in what we have been told this far. We are starting to burn the mask we have been wearing that simply doesn't fit and looks inauthentic. We have done the work, we have tried on many masks and this rebirth calls for us to wear our own skin now. With the sun conjoining this..we have plenty of light and life force to call upon for this to be reveled and claimed. It is time to claim our power from within. So, just like in the game truth or dare, we don't have an "easy" choice. We need to tell the truth because it sets us free but the dare is can we also surrender to the shake up and changes that that will birth when we detangle ourselves from patterns of relating that keep us chained up and parts of ourself hidden? Truth or dare?

This is supported by the ongoing Jupiter (our quest for truth and expansion) in Virgo conjoined with the North Node (our future) opposing the South Node (past) conjoined with Chiron  (our wounds)in Pisces. We are feeling to heal and to integrate what is happening to us during all these changes. We are letting our experiences have a voice through our emotions so that we can free the energy and feel more whole. The only way to heal the shadow is to see it, feel it and accept it as part of us. That doesn't mean we like it but we cannot heal while we judge ourselves and feel more disconnected and separate. Pisces is about oneness and love. Love is what heals. Sometimes the one needing the most love is ourselves although it is much easier to "love" another over ourselves even to the point of hiding from ourself. 

Mercury is still in retrograde this week so we are still in slow mode, reflection mode and repeat mode. Give yourself more time and allow yourself to see the hidden fears and the mantras that play in the background.

Jupiter is in retrograde so continue re-evaluating how best to serve yourself and heal yourself and to take your wellbeing seriously..even the wellbeing of our emotions. 

The moon starts the week in Aquarius (air-intellectual) until Tuesday afternoon when it moves into Pisces (water-feeling). Thursday night she moves into Aries (fire, action) and stays there until Saturday night when she moves into Taurus (earth-ground). 

Venus in Sagittarius makes some aspects to note this week. Venus is our inner relationship, our receptive nature, our connection of spirit with the body, the senses. When she is in the sign of Sagittarius she calls us to receive the light of our truth and expansion around us through people, environment and how we relate to ourselves, we see mirrors:

Wednesday she squares with Chiron (Pisces), calling us to pause and note that feeling our wounds and taking care of ourselves in our healing is a way to expand ourselves.

Sunday, she squares with Jupiter in Virgo. This calls us to make steps to analyze what is needed for more healing, expansion, and growth. We need to take once again what our experiences and feelings are teaching us and discern the wisdom by integrating it into our daily lives. Step by step. Not all at once!

I wish all of you a peaceful week of slowing down, taking time to step into nature and connect with these energies and to cultivate the courage to acknowledge the shadow. One we see what we fear, the fear does not own us. We can relax into ourselves for deeply. Namaste!


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