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Reflection versus Running

Reflection versus Running

I was always a runner for most of my life. I like to move. Moving relaxed me..moving took some of the stress away. In reflection running also helped me create distance from the parts of myself I was not fond of and the things in my life that were not working. As far as I ran at the end of the road, the problems and fragmented parts of myself were still there. Huh. Another run? I did this for many years until it damn wore me out!


We are in a deep time of reflection. So many planets are coming out of,residing in or stepping into retrograde ( Uranus, Pluto (coming out), Venus ( coming out of retrograde zone), Mercury (going in), Neptune, Saturn (coming out). Retrograde calls for reflection, review, revisiting and redoing..we are invited to slow down, look again with more mature, and wise eyes and open into the heart space. We are asked to take a more honest look at what is showing up again and again. We are asked to stop running and to slow down, pause and sit with the truth.  The old way calls us to press harder into the places that won't budge, to use a little more force, to think that we are doing something "wrong" when perhaps the message is..about face..surrender and let the new way come to you. Stop running and ask the deeper question, what am I running from. When I feel into this time personally, I sense lots of fear, resistance to change, and discomfort of not being in "control". It appears that keeping on the course of what I have been doing seems less painful than stopping and being honest with what is taking too much energy to yeild dwindling quantities of joy and expansion. If I stop running long enough I might have to actually feel my fear, my resistance to change, and my truth about not knowing what is next..what lies behind the unopened door. This is naturally a very sobering process of transformation. It requires our full attention and our complete faith. It requires us to move slower..against the grain what our culture is beckoning us towards..faster and more but so much aligned with nature. 


Mercury Retrograde (Libra)

Mercury starts its retrograde cycle on September 17th. Mercury is our planet of communication, the mind, how we learn and share. During this three week cycle we are asked to slow down how we communicate, to take more time in our communications and to notice what is reflected back to us in respect to our relationships (Libra). This retrograde cycle is in another air sign so we can at times expect the normal symptoms of this cycle, travel delays, technology snaffoos, misunderstandings,etc. but perhaps not to the extent of last time.  I do not view these breakdowns as Mercury trying to reak havok on our lives to add more stress...rather when this happens we are asked to see where we are moving too fast or in the direction that serves us least. This cycle since it has our Libra color, we want to see the truth of ourselves that is mirrored by all our relationships. When "That guy" or "girl" does that thing that annoys us, or says that hurtful comment..what is deeper below the surface? What do we not want to see about what we are projecting onto others? Our relationships teach us so much about our hidden self. Mercury says..slow down and take more time to see what you have been missing...allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to listen to the truth that is emerging. 


Mars conjunct venus in Leo trine to Uranus in Aries

The sacred marriage of the masculine and the feminine is happening in the planets and spurring us to this same marriage within ourselves. We are asked to once again, be in the heart space of integration of body, mind, spirit, and emotions to allow more balance in how we act, how we receive and the dance between the yin and yang. Mars is impulsive...moves us by our instinctual gut responses. Mars is the painter. It wants to do and to be the warrior. Venus is receptive, fullness, flowing and dancing to the rhythm of nature. She is the paint, the canvas, and the inspiration to make it a masterpiece. We need both for the masterpiece of our full expression. This time is calling us to even out how much we are "doing" to "make our life" work and how much we are finding the inspiration of our passions and our deeper soul desires to naturally flow us in the direction to receive all we need for the co creative work of art. Uranus in Aries just helps free up where we have felt repressed to do this by how we were raised, what we were taught and what the consensus is still doing. We deserve to not be doers of surviving life but to be dancers of our most authentic joyful expression of our individuality. 


Saturn coming our of retrograde in Scorpio and into Sagittarius

Saturn has made it out of the waters of Scorpio where it led us through lots of reflections of our past relationships. Finally, it came back into Sagittarius and the next step of maturity is truth. So now that we may have felt, seen and known the ways of relating that do not serve us that seem to pull us down and drain us and keep us hooked into listening to those past tapes that do not need replaying..we are left with the truth. This requires faith. Just because you know something is not in alignment doesn't mean you don't want to keep choosing it, that it won't still call you, and that it is easy to step into the new size shoes that you so desperately need. Saturn is about maturity, implementing the wisdom that only experience can allow you to discern. It is our external authority. He will close doors and help you stay on course..on course to the Truth that is always available and that we are little by little always becoming more versed with. This takes time. There are no short cuts here. Saturn will give us plenty of time to work out our iterations of this greater chance to embody the wisdom we carry so that we are the truth we seek. We get to test our faith. How much to we believe in ourselves? 

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