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Growing Pains

Growing some point we have to grow up and with that comes the loss of some of the things we enjoy as children..innocence, being carefree,  the freedom from responsibility... We all enjoyed a reminder of "play" with Jupiter in Leo. But, the call to maturity is here. We do not necessarily need to grow up and lose our passion, our joy, our ability to "enjoy" living. We should capture the essence of that playfulness and now allow ourselves to deepen it into our adult selves so that it has more texture, so that it can blossom into something more substantial, more enduring. This is Jupiter in Virgo. We have to "get a job" (mind you we don't need to get any job especially one we hate or that dulls us) be responsible for our choices, and develop our voice to chart our course as best as we can in these changing waters. 

And so the "work" best to begin that journey than to purge all that is unnecessary or burdensome, that which is keeping us from what is essential. We have been doing this...Saturn in Sagittarius. It was ugly, it was painful, it was not what we thought. Change and transformation hardly ever is.  This brings us to the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square..we have had to face and identify all the ways that we cozied up to ideas, people, jobs, whatever that gave us security in a disempowered or false sense. It made us feel safe but the problem is that someone else had the keys. So, we are having to deal with all that is shifting out for us to step into the boss's chair. This is all a good and beautiful thing..unless we are in resistance or denial about what it is. This is where the growing pains hurt the most. Life is not against us. We are being gifted the medicine we need. Our job is to harmonize with it. Even when we don't understand, even when we desired it to manifest a different way, even when it hurts. The nodes of the moon just made a shift onto the Virgo/Pisces axis. The nodes deal with where we come from (past lives) and where our soul desires to traverse towards. We are moving from the place of dreams and illusions to the place of waking up to heal, to purify, and to initiate ourselves into our higher calling. This is a dance though. A dance between surrender to what was, what is unseen, the mystery and what we can "do" in the moment. Not what we desire to control but what we can act upon that is alignment with our truth.  Saturn in Sagittarius is asking for us to have faith as an essential component of this maturing and waking up to our power and our own stewardship. Because we are empowered to be our own guides and to listen to our internal voice of truth does not mean that the plans are all laid out from a to z in sequential order. No the path from pisces to virgo is very non linear. We get the opportunity to be fully present in the moment and to observe what is ending, what is changing, what is showing up and we get to ask the essential question, what can I do that rides the flow of my truth and maturity? The alternative is to kick and scream and resist what is and to choose war. Will we always like what is? No. Does surrender mean we give up? No. It means we must breathe and truly slow down to be patient enough to observe like a scientist what is. So that we can respond ( not react) in a manner that serves the higher self, the wiser self, no matter how little information we get along side it. This faith comes from knowing that if the deeper truth is acknowledged acknowledged that we are on course and that we will be supported to fruition.  Our job, after harmonizing with what is, is to do what is within reach towards this flow..we step on the raft and ride. This does not mean we are numb or stoic to respond to what is. We are sentient beings and part of healing and integrating is feeling so we allow ourselves to cry, stomp our feet, be frustrated...emotionally react (not towards others but within witness to ourself) but then we act like grown ups not like children do what we need to do to stay on the path. We take care of ourselves..maybe through yoga, time in nature, deep breathing...we develop self care practices that work (Jupiter in Virgo) so we can do the work of growing up (Saturn in Sag).

Just like it takes many years to reach adulthood from childhood, this is a journey. It is not a quick "get help" scheme. There is no 3 step process, in fact there may be a 1000 step process with repeating steps. Who knows? That is the joy of living a full life. We get to experience it fully. It will packed to the hill with joys, disappointments, moments of confusion, and experiences of calm clarity and deep connection. We are not trying to "get anywhere". There is no final destination to rest in our laurels and say "thank god that is over". We are trying to enjoy the present of in the here and now and the experience of co-creation of our essence in the madness of this life on spaceship earth. 

Our new moon is Friday in the sign of Sagittarius. We can welcome a new lunar cycle with a  meditation with the message of your growing pains? Can we observe what is from the vantage point of the wiser one? Can we choose the path of higher truth? What ways are you being asked to have faith yet continue to ride this flow of expansion? What is your work for now? 

Other events of interest..

Venus is now in Scorpio, so if you have felt a little heavy, deep and dark...this shift from the beauty of Libra to the underworld of Scorpio is a big change. We get to clean out the closets of our values, our relationship with ourself and others, our connection to beauty, abundance and our magnetism. Look out, transformation train is coming to town. We get to dance with issues of disempowerment..all so that we can find the light again. 

Many blessings friends!