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Changing of the Guards

As we are about to welcome in a new year, we will also welcome our personal planets into new signs this week. On Tuesday, Venus will shift from watery Scorpio to fiery Sagittarius. On Friday, Mercury will shift from earthy Capricorn to airy Aquarius. On Sunday, Mars will shift from airy Libra to watery Scorpio. Wow! What shifts in our thoughts, actions and receptions! Although we may be feeling all this change and we know change can bring a sense of imbalance or ungroundedness, this change actually brings more balance of all the elements into the game. We see water, air, earth and fire in more of a balanced expression. This is often the gift of change..a more balanced expression of who we are can then emerge. 

As we are in a constant dance between expansion and contraction, rest and action, individuating and merging..we find in each iteration a more unified and integrated center. Balance seems to be a negotiation of extremes at times. We shift way towards one direction to see the cost benefit of that direction only to redirect and course correct towards the opposite..and like steering a sailboat, hopefully the net results in the steady, aim towards the desired destination. In evolutionary astrology this is the destination of expressing ourselves in the most authentic and unique way only to realize our connection to the whole, the One. 

This changing of the guards is a necessary as walk further down our paths. We try the approach that works to make our life make sense until that approach no longer makes sense and then we make a shift. The key is to recognize when it no longer makes sense and to have the courage and the faith to allow those changes to unfold naturally even when they feel at times un natural. 

Venus in Scorpio allows us to connect to the dark, to what we hide and what needs to be seen to be freed. Venus is our connection to the feminine,  to our ability to connect to beauty, receptivity and the dance of the soul with the body. Venus allows us to see a reflection of our inner nature expressed through our body and our relationships with everything around us. Part of balance here is not being afraid of the dark, and the mirages in life that through fear of them steal our power. Often those mirages are reflections of hidden expressions of our true humanness that we are afraid to see. Scorpio turns on the light so we can see the truth. When she moves into Sagittarius she allows us to more fully embody and expand the truth that has been revealed. Be this in our relationships to people, money, you name it..the outer always is a reflection of the inner. What has your environment been shining the light on?

Mercury in Capricorn has allowed us to venture into our thoughts about security in the realm of material things. It has also allowed us to check in with thoughts and beliefs given to us by the authorities in our life. Mercury deals with all things mental. So during this time we are offered the change to mature into what is actually worth standing on and holding firm onto..what are we willing to stamp our name to? As  the messenger moves into Aquarius, we are able to be more connected to who we are mentally as individuals and what allows us to be freed by our truth and not enslaved to anothers'. We expand global consciousness when we expand our own. We find answers when we raise ourselves out of the problems.

Mars rules our desires, our instincts and our actions. He has been in Libra drawing us toward balance, partnership and perspective with what we are drawn towards that emanates our truest creative spark of our deepest motivations. We desire partnerships to learn more about who we are through the creation process.  Now he dives into his less desirable waters of Scorpio to prune out the areas that need to be afforded a funeral. Sometimes our desires for balanced expression of action (be it action to be in relationship, action in our jobs,...) are tainted with fears, and with the power struggles with those that we see as outside of ourselves. We need this time to see these fears and these untruths we cling to so that we can see them for what they are and reclaim the truth that truly provides us with the inspiration to create from a more guttural spark. What fears motivate or demotivate you?

The personal planets flows through all the signs of the zodiac throughout the year allowing us to experience all the ways in which change brings balance and integration. One sign provides the fertile ground for the next sign to be experienced just like life and as we progress we are becoming more whole and more connected. 

On Tuesday, Mercury in Capricorn will square Mars in Libra. That quest to mature mentally in what we truly find as the wisdom of our experience will challenge the desire to connect with others and our environment to purse the perspective and balance we yearn for..and what may be the rub is our outdated thinking and our imbalanced ways of acting. Will we think ourselves to death, trying to make it all make sense before we take action or will we just do what we have always done or what we want to do to make something happen without reflecting on our deeper wisdom ? Or, will we marry the two and use the wisdom that we have experienced through our intellect with the our actions that lead to more expansion. What feels like it is the perspective of growth even if it feels unfamiliar? Remember expansion is always is the changing of our guards. The guards we hold up until we realize they are preventing us from further expression of a more integrated beingness!

many blessings this week and happy new year! XO



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