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Enter Sagittarius...Full Moon in Gemini...The Journey of Faith and Truth

Sunday, the sun made its shift into the sign of the Sage, ruled by Jupiter. We go from fixed water to mutable fire. We go from the dark underworld ruled by Pluto to the Jupiter's terrain of the sky.  Scorpio's waters have hopefully allowed us to do some deep emotional releasing and some shadow work in the terrain of death. Something in all of us has died or is dying. This is the unavoidable cycle of life. Scorpio gives us permission for the funeral by acknowledging what is no longer alive and true for us. What do we need to shed? As we do the feeling and the healing, we are ready to emerge more deeply into the deeper meaning of life. We are ready to live and claim our truth in a more embodied way. We now ask new questions... What is the purpose for my life? How do I live more free in my truth? What is essential for my life to have a deeper meaning? This is the time for us to allow ourselves to answer our own questions. We cannot seek answers outside of ourselves for that is what led us into the separation from our truth. We must claim to be our own sage, guru..remover of darkness.  We must find our own light to illuminate our path. The truth and the answers are always inside us..they are not hidden or kept from us by a higher authority. This is the larger theme for the next cycle.

Part of awakening to our deep truth is realizing the ways we are in illusion or resistance to seeking it within. This week Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius is square (tension with) to Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is the place of our our lies, illusions, karmic tendencies, addictions/attachments stemming from our fear of the unknown and the very truth we seek. It also is the home for the deepest connection to stream of infinite it love, abundance, connection, creativity... Neptune truly shows us the yin and yang of this life. That one cannot exist without the other. We cannot find truth until we see our illusions and fears for it. Saturn is the external authority, suppression, constriction..all the ways we take on the beliefs and truths of others so that we can remember that it is the truth inside us to frees us and leads us towards our soul's path. The path of others and allowing others to "hold" our truths or believing that you will find your truth in a outside authority be it church, a leader, a community keeps us asleep in our power to claim our direct connection to Source, our higher self, Spirit. So this Neptune square Saturn is a "sobering" up. Do we want to continue to be powerless, fearful of trusting ourselves, having faith in the flow of life, believing the stories we tell ourself to play it safe? Or, do we mature and stand up for the truth we are uncovering in each moment? Do we take the steps to walk our path and determine what is necessary to be in alignment? This square also takes in Mercury and the Sun as Saturn conjoins these two this week. So, there is an even bigger push to claim, communicate, articulate our truth in all aspects of our life..personal, work, relational, spiritual...they are all the same you know. :)

Another aspect giving us the need for shifts and changes is Pluto square Uranus and Pluto square Venus/Lilith. Pluto is transformation as the soul evolves. Uranus is unexpected changes, and non-attachment from anything that binds or restrains our truth and freedom..who we are at our core. So, the universe is saying "let it go if it doesn't freely flow". Venus conjoined Lilith is asking us to marry our worth, inner relationship, balance, and the relationship with others and our deepest, most raw truth. Who we are should be the same whether we are alone, in relationship, or at work. Uranus is breaking us out of patterns of bandage to ways of relating be it with ourself and others that are taking away our power and freedom to be ourself..all the every place. 

Wednesday, we welcome a full moon in the sign of Gemini at 2:44p PST. The moon will be illuminating for us how we need to share, communicate, learn and be present with truth. "This little light of mine. I'm going to let it shine. Hide it under a _____. No! I am going to let it shine." Remember that song? The moon is our past, our intuitive waters, the feminine. Listen and feel for ways you need to let you light shine in your community. 

Finally, Jupiter (Virgo) is still opposite Chiron (Pisces)..calling for us to feel, heal and then to do the work to integrate what we are learning and what is being revealed step by step. Yes, we are asking the bigger questions, but those answers can only be lived in the each moment and only in the ways we have truly integrated them. So, we have to slow down a bit, take our time, and do what we can in each moment to be truthful. Feeling along the way all the separation we have created in ourselves from our higher Self and from Source. Not to wallow, but to allow these emotions to be released. Feeling is the only path to healing our deep wounds. Chiron urges us to feel and to keep trusting and surrendering to this unending process. Jupiter says but don't get the work of purification and healing step by step. Do what you can. Simplify. Remove the excess..keep the essential and water it like crazy.

Such deep times..such a deep calling for all of us. So much faith is required to step out and to be authentic without any guarantee of the results..only a deeper well of peace within. 



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