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The Power of the Truth

The Power of the Truth-New moon in Scorpio

On Wednesday morning at 9:47am PST, we will welcome in a new moon in the fixed water sign of Scorpio. This new moon is conjoined with Mercury and the Sun all in Scorpio. Mercury rules our communication, our thoughts, the way we learn, network and relate. 

Scorpio is a water sign co-ruled by Mars and Pluto. So when we dive into Scorpio, we enter the waters of the underworld of our subconscious and all things hidden or buried. We enter into the realm of the emotions..and some of them are buried deep and stuffed away for "safe keeping". Scorpio calls us to go deep and root and prune out all that has died all for sake of finding the light of our truth. Why? Because the truth sets you free. Because there is power in truth. Power that allows you to find your strength and depth in being authentic to who you are and why you have come into this life. This is quite different than cultivating the power to rule over another.  Mars rules our will and desires and likes to be impulsive. Right now Mars is in the final degrees of Virgo, initiating healing, purification and integration. Pluto is the soul. Right now Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn calling for transformation and dismemberment of all that keeps us suppressed, oppressed, the end of the patriarchy and the belief that power is in the few and if you are not part of the few then too bad so sad. 


So, Sun/Moon/Mercury all together illuminates how we feel, think and communicate about issues of power and the search for truth. 

Where are you still feeling powerless or in the throws of another's power or truth that does not resonate with yours? What has or needs to die within you to uncover what is underneath? 


This search for the truth is scary and intense business. Scorpio territory is no joke. Scorpio doesn't dance with surface conversations or topics. There is no patience for that when your soul and your deepest desires are at stake. So when the stakes are so high so are the costs at times and on the flip side so are the rewards. So, the journey to uncover, look in consciously in to those dark, dusty places and to be real with oneself is not for the faint hearted. This is quite the sobering process. We hid what we did for a reason. It can be painful, it can be ugly, it may not fit with what others think and feel we need to look like. It begs the question, what does the truth mean to you? What does being authentic and real and 100% human mean to you? Neptune and Saturn are squaring right now letting us feel the battle: do we turn away and make up or maintain our pretty stories and illusions or do we turn right into ourselves and say I am ready to grow up and mature and be who am I not for any other than for the sake of myself..because there is strength, clarity and deep freedom in honesty. 

So this new moon asks..are you ready for the power of the truth? Are you ready to be in your power when you uncover the light of your truth?

Happy new moon dear friends!