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Mercurial Messages

I have had Mercury on the brain these days...not so much by choice but because he seems to be allowing me to truly practice what I have been teaching in class these last fews weeks as I have spoken about Mercury retrograde! I cannot tell you how many times this week I either showed up a day early to an appointment, missed an appointment because I thought it was a different day, or redid something I thought I had completed more than once. All those annoying typical Mercurial messages of slow down, take your time, be present. If I reflect all of those times I was "multi tasking" and not truly being in the place I was with my full attention. On a deeper level, this time has been an intense time for repetitive messages reflected in relationship but with the opportunity for me to do some deep healing. With the sun conjoining Mercury last week, some deep truths about how I relate and my core beliefs about myself came to the light for me to witness, feel, integrate and to begin to heal. Mercury and the Sun are still within a close enough orb to still be allowing for those relating revelations to come to the light. In my classes I have been working on pacing. We go slow and then we speed up all with the intention to hold the breath as the common thread and invitation to stay close to ourself even when we feel that we cannot slow the train down. That is the Mercury message for me this do stay with myself despite all the ways life will pull me from it. How can I hear the voice of my heart amidst all the noise? If I cannot find myself within all the noise of life then who is the one that is relating with all those that I am connecting with? 

Big Events this week...

Venus goes into Virgo-Thursday, October 8th

The goddess returns to where she started her own retrograde cycle. She now starts to catch up with Mars in Virgo as they grow closer together again. More chances to integrate our masculine and feminine aspects. Especially this week since Mars is opposite Neptune. We get to feel that dance of surrender and all goodness and working hard and trying to make it all perfect. This is truly for me a time to get really honest with how much energy I have what is truly deserving of it. What does my heart call for and where are the opportunities to trust more but also fall into illusion and hide?

Mercury goes direct-Friday, October 9th

On Friday, Mercury will go direct but it will still take him some time to get back to where he started this retrograde journey so we are not "finished" with the reflections. I try to be especially mindful on station days with my pacing, my communication and my energy. I try to listen more on these days, take more time to travel to and from my destinations and to look for the more quieter messages that I could miss thinking the work could be "done". The moon is in Virgo Friday, so this is a good day to integrate and reflect on what this 3 week time has allowed you to feel, see, hear and say with respect to relationships. 

Sun (Libra) squares Pluto (Capricorn)-Tuesday & Venus (Virgo)  squares Saturn (Sagittarius)-Saturday

Squares say it cannot be either or but both and more. Lots of square energy in a week can be felt as tension, anger, stress, or energy to make changes or come up with unique solutions that were not available before. When I am feeling square energy it is always a good idea to use all my tools to ask what I need to allow this energy to move through I need to move (yoga, hike, run, etc), do I need to be alone and be angry or cry, or do I need to channel the energy for some creative work. People are wonderful triggers for use to feel and allow pent up emotions to flow again. These squares might just give you to fuel to release some stuck energy. Let it go and let it your own style. 


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