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Rebalancing the Scales

This week starts off with a powerful new moon in 19 degrees Libra on Monday at 5:06pm PST. This new moon will be a strong little sprite since it follows our recent lunar eclipse on that beautiful blood moon night two weeks ago. So much has been seeping into our consciousness...through Mercury in his retrograde cycle and with Venus making her return out of her shadow zone of retrograde. As we edge into more darkness and we are trying to find that "night light" of our truth, we are being bombarded with so much information to reflect, digest and integrate. The mutable energies that cause transformation, alchemy and the creation of new forms are hard at work inside us and all around us. Nothing seems to stay the same for very long..even our knowing of what to do or how to do it.

This new moon calls for a new balance. It calls us to be sharply keen and aware of where we have lost it in all the relationships we work in. Where have we lost ourselves in the doing? Where have we lost it with others? Where have we lost it in relationship with our truth? Where has illusion, the desire to check out, turn our head away from our deeper callings, taken a hold over our maturity to plod one step in front of the other down the path that we know we are seeking whether we feel the path is illuminated or a dark roller coaster ride. This moon is opposite Uranus in Aries.  Uranus is calling us to break out of what is pulling us away from our deep desires and to step into our inner warrior suits and embrace this change in our identities in all the ways it is being transformed. Step right into the fire..plan and understand later. The moon is libra wants to take more time to discern what has been revealed to us by all these messages. It wants us to learn and understand why we are attracting the people, the circumstances, and the opportunities we manifest to see the parts of ourselves that remain hidden from our lens of consciousness. It wants us to find that happy medium..can't we all win? Libra calls us to our intelligence of our minds as we make the unconscious conscious. There must be a balance between the callings.. step out off the cliff and go for it or think, discern, strike the balance. I am finding through my own life that there is a key step to add to this..we must also be feeling and processing emotionally what has been unearthed. We are in a time of very deep healing (Chiron and Neptune conjunction in Pisces) and the only way to heal is to feel. As we feel without walls all that comes with all these revelations and changes, then we can allow ourselves to find a more unified, whole self with which to act within.  We can feel our way toward a greater balance. We can feel the way truth feels and we can feel what old, outdated ways of believing and acting feel and we can choose the path that serves us in each moment. 

For me this is a moment by moment rebalance. This is not a get in my head and make a list of all the things not to do or to avoid and neither is it to blindly think that I can just decide and be inspired to be the embodied transformed me without doing the work and feeling my way through what is truly showing up for me to learn and grow with. This is a decision to be an active participant in my life with not only this big ticket items but all the small ones that add up to a day in the life. For me I am taking the time to truly feel out where am I treading water and feeling like I am sinking and where am I feeling the current take draw me towards? How can I feel my way to that current of truth and how can I find deep within me the faith that this truth is all I need to know to start this next cycle of discovery. How can I give myself the grace to feel the grief of all that I must leave behind and the fears of what lies behind curtain #2 along the way? This is the humbling path of being human and realizing that balance is not a formula but living in a moment to moment relationship with ourselves as well with all of our world.

In her essay “By Way of Booze and Broccoli,” Stephanie K Hopkins writes: It’s not in the ability to lift heavy objects or hold my drink or suck a man bone dry where I find my strength; it’s in the soft lens of recognition, in the turning toward my own fumbling self and softening, not trying to hide her. And it’s in the fluidity of self, the being able to let go of what holds us back, like myths, like what we thought was magic but was really accident, and continue to rewrite ourselves.

Blessings and happy new moon my friends!

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